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If you’re at home with young kids all next week and it’s kissing with rain where you are, what, if anything, do you have planned?

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RUOKHon Sat 22-Aug-20 17:09:36

I’m stuck for ideas. I wanted to take DS swimming but our local pool is booked solid all week already. He’s too young for a museum. Very active, wants to be climbing and moving and touching everything hmm Keeping him socially distanced is a nightmare. Am I destined to just plod round our local sodden woods in wellies and an anorak for five long days?

I’m so sick of the school holidays and the pandemic fucking everything up.

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RUOKHon Sat 22-Aug-20 17:10:14

Oh, and my car is in the garage being fixed, so I am reliant on buses. Fucks sake.

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purplefur Sat 22-Aug-20 22:33:18

I feel your pain, my ds (2) is exactly the same.
He loves being outdoors & is so friendly & excited to see other people it's so hard at the minute.
We've been visiting our local woods & nature reserve daily!
Our weather doesn't look great for next week either. We go for a walk every morning after breakfast (unless pissing down) so I'm thinking drawing/ colouring/ making anything out of empty loo rolls (if I can keep his attention for long enough) we also have a huge empty cardboard box that I'll let him decorate & play with.
Another afternoon Making the lounge into a Cinema- every single soft toy he owns will join us. Blankets, pillows & what ever else he wants there.
Making biscuits & cakes.
My boy loves it when we play ninja warrior too- the most basic indoor obstacle course but he absolutely loves it.

Pumperthepumper Sat 22-Aug-20 22:35:31

Has he got a bike? Could you spend the week teaching him to go without stabilisers?

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