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Urgent haemorrhoids shopping list.

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ScribblyGum Sat 22-Aug-20 08:22:23

In two days I have to go on an all day family bike ride.
I have done myself quite the arse injury with an over indulgence of holiday white toast, sausages and egg sandwiches this past week and need to go to the shops today to attempt a quick rectification of my foolish self induced piles.

So far I’ve got prunes on my list. And some sort of unguent to ease the incessant itching.

What else?

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Dotinthecity Sat 22-Aug-20 08:24:48

Preparation H or Anusol.

McTav Sat 22-Aug-20 08:29:20

Anusol - the one with hydrocortisone in (there's also one without, so read the box before you buy).

ScribblyGum Sat 22-Aug-20 08:31:23

Is anusol over the counter?

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ThomasHardyPerennial Sat 22-Aug-20 08:33:49

Germoloids ointment (not the cream, the ointment stays in place better)!

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sat 22-Aug-20 08:36:24

Witch hazel wipes loo paper will feel like sandpaper.

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Sat 22-Aug-20 08:37:30

You can get suppositories that help with internal piles.

ScribblyGum Sat 22-Aug-20 08:38:16

It does @ChazsBrilliantAttitude!
Wipes sound excellent.

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ShirleyPhallus Sat 22-Aug-20 08:39:19

Get some padded shorts

Saved my chuff in the days of all weekend shagging to avoid the inevitable bikegina otherwise

McTav Sat 22-Aug-20 08:48:06


Is anusol over the counter?

You should be able to buy it in Boots, it'll be on the shelves, often near "feminine hygiene".

Nonameyetmeow Sat 22-Aug-20 09:51:11

I second which hazel wipes, germaloids and also sitting with a little bag of frozen peas wrapped in kitchen roll held on them as often as you can.

BeyondMyWits Sat 22-Aug-20 09:53:49

Germoloids - it has an anaesthetic in it (unlike Anusol). Anusol wipes are nice though.

ScribblyGum Sat 22-Aug-20 18:25:07

Thanks for all the advice. Anusol with hydrocortisone plus the witch hazel wipes are working a treat.

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ScribblyGum Sat 22-Aug-20 18:25:23

As I’m sure your all delighted to hear.

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McTav Sat 22-Aug-20 19:19:30


As I’m sure your all delighted to hear.

I can feel the relief from here!

chuffoff Sat 22-Aug-20 19:29:07

Suppositories. I was screaming in agony following birth of DD a few months ago. The haemorrhoid was far more traumatic for me than the actual birth. Got the prescription steroid cream from dr but it was taking its time. Health visitor came round and said to try anusol suppositories. Relief within 24 hours!

chuffoff Sat 22-Aug-20 19:29:56

Missed your update! So relieved for you

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