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And the award for missing the point goes to

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Impatientwino Fri 21-Aug-20 21:16:01

You're supposed to leave lemon drizzle to cool completely so the topping goes crunchy..



FunnyItWorkedLastTime Fri 21-Aug-20 21:13:41

Award of the day goes to birthday child who requested a lemon drizzle cake at very short notice. I offered birthday child shop bought or home made. BC asked for homemade, but when presented with the (MN recipe) cake still warm from the oven, objected on the grounds that a) it was warm from the oven and b) it was “squidgy”.

Birthday child is now runner up in all time Missing The Point awards to the random MNer who objected to Aunt Bessie’s roast potatoes on the grounds that they were “too dry and floury”.

Other “that’s the sodding point” nominations welcomed.

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