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First home present bundle!

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WindFlower92 Fri 21-Aug-20 10:43:26

Hi all, looking for ideas. My sister is moving into her first home with her bf after finishing uni. They're moving quite a way away from me and my parents, but quite close to his parents. Obviously she lived away from home while at uni, but will still need things to set her home up. I'm thinking of getting her a couple of little things as a housewarming gift; things like a houseplant, some useful kitchen items and a nice little pampering kit (face mask, bubble bath etc.) for once she's done unpacking. What else do you think would be good to put in here? I'l have a look round my house to see if there's anything I'm not using anymore that I can give, but what would be your useful items for your first home?

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Osquito Fri 21-Aug-20 11:04:12

Not the most exciting but useful:
- those tie/organiser things for wires and cables to hide them away
- a matching set of clear and differently sized containers (Ikea has many styles) for the bits of junk or kitchen pantry
- a personalized or pretty doormat for the front (and a plant to go next to it)
- a takeaway for the first busy day of unpacking!

AlCalavicci Fri 21-Aug-20 11:20:41

How about a lunch box , stuff they can eat cold like biscuits , crisps, frozen micro meal if they have a M'wave , pot noodle tea coffee

Small good tool kit, screw drivers , Alan keys , Stanley knife , hammer , tape mesure , cable ties ( get Velcro ones if you can , much more user friendly)

Order them a tasty supper , pizza, nandos etc

( you may notice I tend to do practical rather than fancy blush )

fortysomething78 Fri 21-Aug-20 11:22:47

All of the above plus
Bread board
Kitchen knives
Tea towels
Pizza cutter

WindFlower92 Fri 21-Aug-20 11:23:49

Thanks all for the replies, some good ideas here! smile

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Lottieskeeper Fri 21-Aug-20 11:33:05

Things that I would have appreciated when setting up home would have been practical things but better quality than the ones I would have been able to afford myself at the time.
So maybe some really nice thick quality towels, fancier tea towels ie Cath Kidston or Joules, nice mugs; Emma Bridgewater or Le Crueset.
Even decent quality loose tea or coffee beans.
Just nicer versions of things they will need and would have to buy.

minipie Fri 21-Aug-20 11:38:39

Yy to tools and extension leads/doublers. Also superglue and duct tape.
Cleaning kit - broom, dustpan and brush, mop and bucket, gloves, a few of your favourite cleaning products perhaps. Magic sponge.

I know these seem boring but they will be valued! Things like tea towels and mugs they may prefer to choose their own (I would anyway!)

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