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Pregnant on copper coil

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Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 07:07:10

I'm 3 days late give or take. Usually by now there should be some spotting but nothing. I know I should pee on a stick but I'd rather wait and see if I'm just being paranoid. I'm also with my 10yo at all times which make it harder.

So to those who have conceived with a coil in place are the symptoms any different?

I'm having extra cramping (which I usually don't have until I start bleeding) , my legs hurt and had a headache.

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mrsmummy1111 Fri 21-Aug-20 07:18:45

With all due respect, an Internet forum isn't going to be able to tell you whether you're pregnant or not. I had the copper coil and understood the dangers of ectopic pregnancies if falling pregnant on it, so I think you're being silly waiting to take a test "because you're scared of the answer". If you are pregnant, you need to have a scan ASAP to make sure the pregnancy is in the right place. Ectopic pregnancies are no joke. Take a test.

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 07:50:14

I'm not too scare about the answer it is what it is, but I'd rather not get my 10yo involved (she'd know what a pregnancy test is) and then her step siblings. It's potentially a lot of drama for just a false alarm

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mrsmummy1111 Fri 21-Aug-20 08:12:40

You can't go to the toilet for 3 minutes without your 10yo following you in?

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 08:16:53

I can do that but I can't go and buy it without her.

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strawbmilk Fri 21-Aug-20 08:25:51

Amazon is your friend here! You could have the test tomorrow.

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 08:30:49

I don't know of it's because of where I live but everything is get it by Monday even with Prime :/

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Shesapunkpunk Fri 21-Aug-20 08:33:46

How old are you? Does not sound that unusual. Menopause maybe?

JulesCobb Fri 21-Aug-20 08:35:18

Whats wrong with Getting it on monday then?

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 08:37:41

I'm 36. Yes Monday isn't too bad but I can just go and get it by myself then (as my husband will be hee to go and buy it) . I'd be 6 days late so at least if it's a positive it would definitely show.

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Rossaloony Fri 21-Aug-20 08:37:57

Can you not leave your 10 year old watching tv at home to pop to the shops?

Shesapunkpunk Fri 21-Aug-20 08:42:55

You have a husband? Could he not buy you a test now if your 10 year old is not NT?

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 08:46:48

By the time he gets home the shops have closed. We live and work very rurally.

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Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 08:51:55

A friend is going to send me an expired first response

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mrsmummy1111 Fri 21-Aug-20 08:54:08

I think realistically if you went to the supermarket you could say to your 10yo "go and grab me X pls" while you ran to get the test, then distract her at the self checkout while you're paying. There's definitely ways around it if you need it

JulesCobb Fri 21-Aug-20 09:24:53

Why?! Whats the point in that, other than to create unnecessary drama.

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 09:38:28

The expired test? Well I'm guessing a positive would definitely be a positive? I dunno.

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JulesCobb Fri 21-Aug-20 09:56:48

Can your husband not pick one up on his lunch break for tomorrow morning?

Hinestly, dont bother with an expired test. That will raise more questions that what it answers.

Also, how do you know when you ovulated?

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 10:04:47

He works on water, so it isn't the easiest thing to go and get it while on his lunch break. I don't know when I ovulated. But usually by now my period would have already started (properly) and would have had signs of it starting (spotting) at least 2 days before it starts. Even my app has warned me I'm late. So I guea o should definitely try to test asap.

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Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 14:23:20

I was able to get one from the pharmacy in the end. It's negative but not my first wee of the day, 25mlu which is not the most sensitive either. At keas o have a second strip to do on Monday.

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JulesCobb Fri 21-Aug-20 14:42:55

Why can’t you do the second strip tomorrow morning?

How do you know when you ovulated?

mrsmummy1111 Fri 21-Aug-20 14:44:45

By the time your period is late you shouldn't need to use FMU as hcg should be strong enough by then to be detected by even the most sensitive test (in my experience even CB digitalis). I think you can safely say you're not pregnant. FWIW I think you did the right thing by getting a fresh test asap

Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 14:48:41

Isn't the idea to wait a couple of days? This test is the same sensitivity as a clear blue digital. IME I once took a test with a more sensitive CB and a digital one and one was negative and the other one positive.

I don't know when I ovulated but I'm more than a couple of days late so I would have thought a negative would definitely be a negative by now.

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Easylikesunday Fri 21-Aug-20 14:54:17

As a compariy when I tested for my 10month old I was on day 24 of my cycle. On the 26 I tested again FMU and a both had faint but clear lines. This was a 15miu test. I think there's a small chance this is a false negative but it's unlikely

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Jobseeker19 Fri 21-Aug-20 14:56:53

I was late 2 weeks on the copper coil once and then had heavy period.

I find sometimes the coil makes you dizzy, light headed and have hot flushes.

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