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Lollypop lady doesn't like me

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Namechange6005 Thu 20-Aug-20 23:21:24

I moved to the area 4 years ago. There are a few lollypop folk on the way to school but this one lives on my street and works just at the end of our road. I am quite friendly and when I moved here I spoke to the lollypop people but this one whenever I crossed the road never spoke to me and still hasn't 4 years later. I say thank you when I cross the road but she never says a word to me but she will talk to dc and she talks to other people a lot! She has always just watched me with beady eyes. There was a short time before lockdown she would give me a strained smile when I crossed the road but that's it. I feel awkward in a way when I pass because I never know if I should say thank you or just ignore her altogether because she is clearly being rude to me. 4 years crossing the road with her! confused😂

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LightDrizzle Thu 20-Aug-20 23:22:16


EltonJohnsSunglasses Thu 20-Aug-20 23:25:22

I want to know what area you are in to have a few of them on the way to school. Haven’t seen a lollipop lady or man round here for years. Wish they were still common, a great idea.

Alexandernevermind Thu 20-Aug-20 23:26:03

Her problem, not yours! Carry on as you are, be polite and rise above it.

PickAChew Thu 20-Aug-20 23:26:33

You're an incomer.

hippohector Thu 20-Aug-20 23:27:53

I would take the moral high ground and kill her with kindness. Give her a big cheery smile and an enthusiastic ‘thank you’ every time you cross the road. Continue to do this even if she ignores you. Life’s too short!

Alexandernevermind Thu 20-Aug-20 23:28:16

We've got loads around us. Most are lovely, but one is utterly bizarre. She will literally throw herself into the path of oncoming cars. She's been knocked over once.

Scruffymac Thu 20-Aug-20 23:29:06

LOL, I'd be tempted to keep being friendly even more obviously so! We also have a bonkers lollypop lady around here, whenever someone crosses without their own DC (but when a group of other DC are crossing at the same time iyswim) she shouts at them that her services are for children only and next time walk the half a mile up the road to the pedestrian crossing. 😂

premiumshoes Thu 20-Aug-20 23:29:20

'The lollipop lady doesn't like me'

I don't know whether to roll my eyes or laugh!

Who cares? Ok, you care, but why? She is literally a woman doing her job.

LittleHootie Thu 20-Aug-20 23:31:03

Do you have a child with you?

I'd also give you a beady eye if not.

eyesbiggerthanstomach Thu 20-Aug-20 23:31:47

@Alexandernevermind haha 😂

PinkyBrain Thu 20-Aug-20 23:33:29

This is hilarious op. I know it doesn’t help but imagining your awkward crossings under her beady glare is making me laugh. Can you avoid her and cross the road yourself in a different place maybe?

Namechange6005 Thu 20-Aug-20 23:34:24

@EltonJohnsSunglasses we pass 7 going to school and there is another few nearby for other schools.

@PickAChew that made me laugh. I suppose it could be but there is a high turn over of people on the street so surely she is used to that. I dunno!

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Solongtoshort Thu 20-Aug-20 23:38:24

I used to have a bright blue car and the lolly pop man at the school before my children’s school always stopped me, every BLODDY time l passed. Until the summer of 2018 when l got a dark grey one and he hasn’t noticed. God l used to get so wound up by it.

dalmatianmad Thu 20-Aug-20 23:38:56

I love this thread! When we had a lolly pop lady nearby, I'd try to walk past her with the dogs and she'd insist that we crossed even though I didn't want too confused we would have to cross back over further up the street to go on our normal daily walk, used to confuse the dogs so much 🤓

Girlzroolz Thu 20-Aug-20 23:39:53

I’d be tossing up whether to do the ‘kill her with OTT cheeriness and questions’ or just come up with a different Silly Walk to cross with every day.

Maybe both. grin

BrandyandBabycham Thu 20-Aug-20 23:40:40

Had a smile at BLODDY 🙂

Namechange6005 Thu 20-Aug-20 23:43:09

@premiumshoes I think you are missing the point!
@littlehootie yes I always have dc with me.
@PinkyBrain I have to cross with her unless I want to look dangerous crossing the road because it is a big road and she is at the pedestrian crossing as well. Also because she is a neighbour on the street we pass by each other usually on opposite sides of the street. She stands at her gate and beadily watches me walk by or other times we just completely ignore each other on passing.

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Namechange6005 Thu 20-Aug-20 23:45:19

@Solongtoshort LOL

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premiumshoes Thu 20-Aug-20 23:46:14

think you are missing the point!

I must be. Can you explain?

I really don't get it. She is a woman doing her job, you cross, you say thank you, that's all rather normal. Why do you think she doesn't like you? She doesn't know you? You are simply one of hundreds of parents crossing the road.

Solongtoshort Thu 20-Aug-20 23:47:40

BrandyandBabysham..........see that’s how irate it still gets me, makes me misspell 🤦🏻‍♀️

ShaunaTheSheep Thu 20-Aug-20 23:48:07

YABU to call them lollypop folk.
They are school crossing patrollers.

I am amazed by the sheer numbers in the vicinity!

OntheWaves40 Thu 20-Aug-20 23:50:06

Have you asked her direct questions? Does she answer?

SaintofBats Thu 20-Aug-20 23:54:59

I’m with @premiumshoes. I can’t see why you’ve even noticed. It’s not as though she’s refusing to let you cross, or hitting you on the head with her STOP sign...?

CornishTiger Thu 20-Aug-20 23:55:08

There was a lolly pop lady at our old school whose mood was changeable like the wind.

You were either her most favourite person or treated like her worst enemy. It was so bloody tiring. Tuts and eyes rolls. Unnecessary comments on lack of coat ( my kids always are hot and rarely worn coats unless raining)

We always used to acknowledge her and thank her. Role modelling good manners to the children every time despite her rudeness. She would quite literally hear people say thanks and just look away. So unpredictable in her mood.

She was school dinner lady too.

Then on the first day back one year after summer break she was totally rude to everyone. Really took the shine off the children going back. I stopped acknowledging her after that. Luckily we moved a few weeks later.... she really was an exhausting woman!

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