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Sweet 16

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MrsPerfect12 Wed 19-Aug-20 21:55:08

What do I buy my DD for her 16th birthday? I'm stumped.

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latheritup Wed 19-Aug-20 21:58:56

A Birchbox or Glossybox subscription would be nice. I have had both, each month you get sent various beauty items. This months Glossybox I had some excellent products including Molton Brown & Huda Beauty.

LasagneQueen Wed 19-Aug-20 23:06:28

Mine's 16 next month. Her list comprises:

Doc Martens
Matcha tea and accessories
Guitar strap
Urban Outfitters vouchers
Mac lipstick
Essie Nail Polish

I'm also considering/have bought:

Wireless headphones (so she doesn't keep pinching mine!)
Money box (she wants to do a year out before uni in Japan so have bought her a ceramic one covered in cherry blossom that can only be opened with a hammer!)
Scented candle (probably a small Woodwick)
Phone case
Make up bag
Couple of books
Bath bombs

And this personalised star map of when she was born

She's not mentioned it recently but has talked about getting one for a couple of years.

MrsPerfect12 Thu 20-Aug-20 11:04:46

Thank you both some lovely ideas, she has AirPods or I'd of bought them. She has pretty much everything.
We have a glossy box already. That was last years gift.

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Georgieporgie29 Thu 20-Aug-20 11:43:50

We’re getting my son a MacBook.
He’s more gadgetty so most of the things he wants are computer/technology based.

LasagneQueen Thu 20-Aug-20 11:55:18

Mine has earbuds but she still keeps pinching my over ear headphones!

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