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If you had a second (third etc) baby at 40, did you do anything different to conceive?

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Tiletiletile1 Wed 19-Aug-20 11:23:24

Been TTC (unexplained secondary infertility) for almost 2 years now and have just turned 40.

I just bought “it starts with the egg” and I am doing most (but definitely not all with the plastic stuff!) things anyway. So thinking it might just be (bad) luck.

Wondered if anyone conceived at 40 plus but did anything different that made it happen? A diet, supplement, etc etc.

I’ve been round and round with my GP and feel like I’m nowhere. She doesn’t think I need Clomid. I am considering paying privately to get scans etc but I don’t know if I can justify all that money. Not knowing is driving me a bit barmy and everyone is pregnant around me!

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