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Eat out to help out Scheme, can restaurants restrict how many diners can have this?

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bumbleb33s Tue 18-Aug-20 11:00:23

So, if you don't know, the way it works is, if you eat out at participating restaurants Monday to Wednesday you receive 50% off food and drink or to the maximum discount of £10 per person, it will appear on the menu at full price, but the restaurant will take the money off the bill before claiming it back from the government.

I've booked a table tomorrow evening and been told by the owner we are booked up for the eat out deal now.

Am I not right in thinking every diner has a right to this government offer as restaurants claim it back from the government and they are being CFs as will charge us full but will still be able to claim back?

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anotherwinkywinkybumbum Tue 18-Aug-20 11:18:34

I'm sorry but have you missed out a bit of the story as it doesn't read correctly to me.

LadyCatStark Tue 18-Aug-20 11:18:55

They can do whatever they like but presumably they’ve lost your custom now...

user1494055864 Tue 18-Aug-20 11:20:48

Yes, I'd book elsewhere

bumbleb33s Tue 18-Aug-20 11:27:39

what I'm saying in a nutshell is , the restaurant are refusing to give us the government scheme offer, saying they are booked up for it, meaning they have the quota of diners taking advantage. What I'm asking is, can they do that, I thought every diner was eligible for the offer.

seems by posters replies they can do what they want but I would think this is illegal though.


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purpleboy Tue 18-Aug-20 11:30:02

I'm not sure the legalities on it but I sure as hell wouldn't be going, id tell them why and then I'd post a review for other diners to be made aware.

LimaFoxtrotCharlie Tue 18-Aug-20 11:32:03

They don’t have to participate in EOTHO at all.

DPotter Tue 18-Aug-20 11:32:13

Many restaurants have had to reduce the number of tables in use - could this be what they mean?

Tiggles Tue 18-Aug-20 11:33:03

Seems a bit odd, but they don't have to use the scheme if they don't want to. That's why there was such an uproar that McDonald's and other restaurants deemed to serve 'unhealthy' food signed up.

Are you sure they don't just mean they are full due to the offer and can't offer you a table.

Bridecilla Tue 18-Aug-20 11:34:28

So they want you to book and pay full price whilst others sit in the same restaurant and eat for half price?

Suggests they're over their allowance of socially distanced people in the restautant. I wouldn't be going

Russell19 Tue 18-Aug-20 11:35:13

I'm guessing the OP means they are participating in EOTHO but they said they had tables available but at full price rather than 50% off. In this case how does the OP know she won't be charged a full price £100 bill yet they claim another £100 on top of that from the government?

Oliversmumsarmy Tue 18-Aug-20 11:39:43

I would have thought “booked up for the dine out deal”

Could mean the restaurant is taking part in the dine out deal

Or when you booked that you were booked up for the dine out deal.

Maybe I am not reading this right.

Did the person on the phone actually say you would have to pay full price.

Again I am confused as to what benefit the restaurant would have in giving you a bill for a full price meal.
If they don’t take the money off then they can’t claim it from the government

bumbleb33s Tue 18-Aug-20 11:43:16

@Russell19 - EXACTLY what I'm saying.

@Bridecilla yes, there could be others dining that are getting the 50% offer or nobody, they could be saying the same to all diners, that they can't give out the offer as they've used their allocation but then still claiming from the government.

@Tiggles No, they don't have to use the scheme, but, if they have signed up for it and getting help from the government they should offer it to ALL diners don't you think.

I went in last week to make the booking and they've taken quite a few tables out, so distancing isn't an issue.

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MarcelineMissouri Tue 18-Aug-20 11:43:38

Did they tell you you could book a table but would have to pay full price? Otherwise to me it just sounds like they’re saying they’re full?
If it’s the former then no that’s not in theory how it works but as no restaurant is obliged to sign up to that offer in the first place I’m not sure they’re actually doing anything wrong as long as they’re not charging you full price and also trying to claim money back from the government.

Tiggles Tue 18-Aug-20 11:45:42

I agree it seems ridiculous to charge someone full price when they don't have to.

bumbleb33s Tue 18-Aug-20 11:50:34


When they took my booking they said they are booked up for the eat out deal, meaning they are giving it to some diners, but not others, so we have to pay full price.

“If they don’t take the money off they can’t claim it” what I’m thinking is they can claim it by being a bit sneaky, not saying that’s what they will do, but it seems odd and unfair they are giving the deal to some and not others?

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FredaFrogspawn Tue 18-Aug-20 11:53:40

It does seem a bit odd.

dottiedodah Tue 18-Aug-20 11:55:43

We went out for Lunch one day last week to a country pub .All fine ,food very good. We were asked if we had booked ahead(we had)However we were surprised to see the restaurant half empty ,maybe down to SD dont really know! Also when the bill arrived, we queried it as was shown at full price !(Aithough clearly advertised as Eat Out to Help Out) Apologies from Staff ,maybe a genuine error? Seems strange to me!

HoneyBee03 Tue 18-Aug-20 11:58:04

I'm just wondering if its something to do with their cashflow? Perhaps due to the time taken to claim the money from the government. I'm not sure, it does seem odd so there must be a valid reason.

itsgettingweird Tue 18-Aug-20 12:09:41


I'm just wondering if its something to do with their cashflow? Perhaps due to the time taken to claim the money from the government. I'm not sure, it does seem odd so there must be a valid reason.

Seems a plausible explanation.

Babysharkdoodoodood Tue 18-Aug-20 12:15:16

We went for breakfast last week at a lovely pub, and they said they're getting a really fast turnaround on claiming the money back.

DistinguishedCarrot Tue 18-Aug-20 13:31:02

The Government's pages say:

When you should offer the discount
When you register for the scheme, it is expected that you will offer it during the whole of your opening hours on all the eligible days that you are open and on all qualifying sales of food or drink.

They're definitely trying to pull a fast one.

bumbleb33s Tue 18-Aug-20 13:31:36

That's interesting that it could be cashflow!

I will still go, though will question the bill when it arrives and see what they say, just seems unfair if they're advertising the offer but not giving it.

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Freeekedout Tue 18-Aug-20 13:36:10

Did they mean you're booked in for the EOTHO deal rather than booked up?

TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 18-Aug-20 13:38:58

I think you’ve misunderstood them op. It sounds like they’ve said that they’re booked out for the deal and you’ve taken it to mean that there’s tables available not on deal.

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