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Wasps And Gnats

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TheNestedIf Tue 18-Aug-20 00:05:50

Hope this isn't insensitive to anyone with an allergic reaction.

I got my first wasp sting today. Three of them, in fact. I got in its flight path and the buzzy little idiot blundered down my t-shirt. Fisticuffs ensued. I'm assuming I won since half of its backside was left hanging out of my right upper boob.

I'm not scared of wasps. This one would have come from Chateau de Jasper which is about 5ft - 10ft from my door and which I'm relatively unconcerned about as, usually, I leave them alone and they leave me alone. Admittedly hat may change when they start getting drunk and fighty on the fermenting fruit in the garden. I'll be fascinated to see the nest when they all leave/die off.

The revalation was that I would rather take another three wasp stings than another single gnat bite. It wasn't all that painful to begin with and now it's been a few hours and all I can feel, every now and again, is a teeny tiny prickle. Unlike a gnat bite, the area hasn't swollen up like The Eye Of Jupiter and it's not going to keep me awake for the next week by itching spitefully whilst I gouge my skin to ribbons.

TL:DR Wasps aren't the bastards. Gnats are.

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