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Cystitis sachets for 12 year old?

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Rockbird Mon 17-Aug-20 20:59:28

DD1 has been suffering with burning when she wees and all the markers of cystitis. She had medication twice from the Dr but it didn't really help. We're away from home and I bought some of the canesten cystitis sachets and she's had a couple of them and feels much better. But, like an eejit I didn't read the leaflet and it says over 16 only. I don't want to give her anything that will harm her but this seems to be helping. Does anyone know anything more about these?

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Trashtara Mon 17-Aug-20 21:09:01

They should be fine, it's essentially bicarb.

Is she drinking enough, emptying her bladder fully (rocking pelvis, clench and release) and wiping correctly. Bloody awful thing cystitis!

Isolemnlyswear Mon 17-Aug-20 21:15:14

DD10 started with cystitis a couple of years ago (family history of kidney failure and infections) and we usually end up at the doctors. I remember she started with it one weekend and as the doctors surgery wasnt open I spoke to a pharmacist at the local supermarket who recommended Cystopurin due to DD age. It works if we catch it early enough but not sure how effective it would be if DD had a severe case of cystitis. We now keep a small stock in the cupboard. Not sure about the canestan sachets, maybe speak to a local pharmacist if you are worried.

DarkMintChocolate Mon 17-Aug-20 21:20:52

I had chronic cystitis from about the age of 5. I was given potassium citrate sometimes. It’s the equivalent of the sachets.

HearingMyOwnVoice Mon 17-Aug-20 21:21:37

I think the Sainsbury's one can be used from younger for the next time you need it

DarkMintChocolate Mon 17-Aug-20 21:37:13

I should have said my grandfather was a doctor (bacteriologist and pathologist) - there was no way he would have let me take something, he didn’t believe in.

Rockbird Mon 17-Aug-20 22:59:22

Thanks all, that's really helpful. They seem to have really helped her and she's been suffering a good bit. She's also necking cranberry juice which is disgusting!

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HearingMyOwnVoice Tue 18-Aug-20 19:21:27

As an aside my dd can't have too much fresh OJ or she gets cystitis. Something to do with the way the sugars bind in the bladder. She can have one but has to follow it with a big glass of water

Earache2020 Tue 18-Aug-20 21:19:56

I just wanted to echo what some others have said. I suffer from stinging wee when I don't drink enough water or if I drink juice, fizzy drinks or eat salty/processed foods. This has gone on for years and I've been to see urologist and the diagnosis was interstitial cystitis. This may be the case for your daughter.

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