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WFH'ers Motivation Thread - the antidote to the same 4 walls

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hamstersarse Mon 17-Aug-20 11:19:06

I have been WFH now (along with a lot of people) for 5 months now.

I feel I have reached a point where my motivation is lacking. It is so relentless, we are busier than ever and I have been putting in 50 hour weeks for months now, sitting in one spot in my house, hardly moving.

The. Same. Thing. Every. Day.

When in an office environment, I used to get a lot of motivation from colleagues, throwing ideas around, collaborating on projects, competing, and of course we now have our video calls, but it is just wearing thin now. I want some actual excitement and human interaction, and motivating myself constantly is just exhausting.

How is everyone else doing?

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HUCKMUCK Mon 17-Aug-20 11:37:57

Great idea for a thread - I feel almost the same way except I have the opposite problem re business - I am not at all busy. We went through a restructure which came in to place on 1st April by which time we were well into our covid response. We were working flat out until about the end of May and now everything has gone quiet.

I have some work every day and need to be available 9-5. Some days can be flat out and others are dull as anything. I'd rather be busy.

I agree, the thought of sitting in these four walls for much longer is not great. I miss people from work who I get on well with but are in different teams. I also miss Costa which is right next door to the office although it has saved me a fortune!

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