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Kids party postponed, wwyd?

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Idontlikeyoghurt Mon 17-Aug-20 00:07:55

Sorry for badly worded title, it's late and I couldn't think of a better way to put it. My daughter's birthday was at the end of May and we had planned a soft play type party for her which obviously had to be cancelled due to Covid. I told all parents that we would postpone it and do something later on. I am thinking of asking all her friends to meet us at the local park on a Sunday in September and I'll take picnic blankets and food for the kids and a birthday cake. There is a sanded play area and plenty to do so kids would be kept busy for a good hour at least! She has Aspergers and still keeps asking about her party and why hasn't she had it yet and she is keen to do something fun with her friends. She knows about Covid and understands but really wanted to have her party and I'm keen for her to mix to help her social skills. It does seem odd however to be to be celebrating it almost 4 months after the event. My house is tiny so can't really host at home. Would you go ahead and invite children to meet at the local park for an hour as a casual get together or would you just reschedule and have a party for her next May on her actual birthday?
I'm torn !! Please tell me what you would do in this situation. Thank you

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IWantAPetUnicorn Mon 17-Aug-20 00:44:53

It will depend when outdoor gatherings of more than 6 people are allowed.

converseandjeans Mon 17-Aug-20 00:49:49

I would do it as a get together before term starts - take a gazebo. I don't know if you can share food out? Perhaps you could make up some separate snack bags?
Some socially distanced games would be easy enough to sort.

Idontlikeyoghurt Mon 17-Aug-20 00:55:49

@IWantAPetUnicorn I know that's what I was thinking about. There would likely be more than 6 children so probably best to leave it until her next birthday in May

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rose69 Mon 17-Aug-20 01:07:28

Lots of parties going on in parks at the moment. Even a smaller number of children will still be a lovely event with cake

DamitJanet Mon 17-Aug-20 06:25:00

We had to cancel a birthday party due to lockdown. The original plan was to reschedule as a half birthday party, but due to the ongoing guidelines that’s not going to be possible. In reality you’re talking two other friends plus a parent each to keep within guidelines, I know lots are ignoring this but that’s just not responsible in my opinion. We’re going to do a big family day out instead and leave the party til (hopefully) next year.

EloiseTheFirst Mon 17-Aug-20 10:30:12

Let her invite her 5 best friends for a get together in your garden or at the park.

Then hopefully next year she'll be able to have the soft play party.

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