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Spa bath replacement.

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picklemewalnuts Sun 16-Aug-20 18:25:34

I can't go to the spa anymore- too far and Covid restrictions make it not worthwhile. I go for the soak and heat, as it helps my fibromyalgia related muscle aches.

I can't do an outside inflatable spa tub- daft dog issues.

Can anyone recommend a bath/shower type unit that's reasonably easy to get in and out of, and lets you have a deep and perhaps bubbly soak? Or maybe just a very luxurious feeling shower? I'm averse to noise so I'm not sure about getting a spa bath.

Do you know what, that all sounds miserable as sin! Sorry! I'm very generally positive and can do!

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picklemewalnuts Sun 16-Aug-20 20:48:53

Right. I've picked myself out a bamboo stool to sit down on in the shower. I'm going to stop seeing showers as speedy cleaning sessions, and sit and enjoy them.

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