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Artificial Intelligence / Computer Science

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BloggersNetwork Sun 16-Aug-20 13:46:17

Which UK Universities should we start making contact with for DS who wants to study the above?

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hoistbymyownzombiepetard Sun 16-Aug-20 14:31:06

Is there a reason you/your DS can't google this?

Shannith Sun 16-Aug-20 14:33:31


BloggersNetwork Sun 16-Aug-20 17:13:09

I am always amazed at posters who feel compelled to reply to a post when they have absolutely nothing of value to add.

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scissy Sun 16-Aug-20 18:13:31

It's his future though and he will be the one studying the course.
If he is set on doing AI I hope he likes stats. If he's unsure he may be better doing straight comp sci and taking AI modules as options (possible in bigger depts).

AnotheBloodyChinHair Sun 16-Aug-20 18:27:14

I am also starting to research for my DS, which doesn't mean he's not doing exactly the same thing. What it means though, is that we can discuss things at dinner time, sound off each other and stuff. Unfortunately my DS is a geographer so I can't help with computing grin.

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