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So frustrated with relative

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User3405 Sun 16-Aug-20 08:47:05

Name changed to stay as anon as possible

DH runs a small independent high street buisness. Near the beginning of lockdown a close relative of mine lost their job and DH said they could work for him part time when buisness opens back up. They accepted. They live about half an hour in the car away from where buisness it.

As it was near time for the business to open back up my relative had to give up their car, with no plan on getting another anytime soon. When explained to DH, he jumped the gun and offered for them to do all their part time hours in one day and he will drive over to pick them up then drop them home. This has been happening and it's been a nightmare, costing a fortune in petrol and feels like DH spends half his day off driving around, we have a young family. I realise I can't blame my relative for this as it was DH who offered but tbh I don't think either of us expected them to go through with the offer when it came to it (or just wishful thinking!)

Anyway to get to the point.. From the word go this relative has been an entitled nightmare!! For the first few weeks of the buisness being back open they didn't have shifts because it was chaos and they're inexperienced, DH was there practically everyday with the other experienced staff trying to get it up and running again. And from word go all I got from this relative was "what about me!?!?" when they knew exactly the reason they weren't working yet (inexperienced and relying on a lift)

Now since they've been working they have been constantly trying to pressure DH into giving another relative a job. This relative has no transport either, no real interest in working there and there also isn't room for anymore staff.

I feel like screaming every time I think about the whole situation. I never thought for a minute this person would be so entitled, it's like nothing they get is good enough for them. I know DH is getting a bit fed up too but he's too polite to put his foot down as it is my family.

Arghh I don't even know what I'm asking really but any advice? Anyone been in a similar situation? Anything!

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toomuchfaster Sun 16-Aug-20 08:52:53

I think YABU. DH offered to drive her about, withdraw the offer if that's not practical. Re the other relative; DH gave her a job, there could be more hours available. He just needs to say no and maybe something along the lines of 'I will contact them directly if it becomes possible, so we don't need to discuss it again'.

SnuggyBuggy Sun 16-Aug-20 08:52:54

It sounds like your DH is in over his head with the whole thing. He shouldn't make offers in the hope that they won't be taken up, dumb idea. It sounds like he needs to tell the family member that it isn't working out and have a rethink about whether the business is a good idea.

User3405 Sun 16-Aug-20 08:55:38

Thank you for your reply but this isn't AIBU, I didn't put it there for a reason.

Also it has been make crystal clear there are absolutely no more hours available

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