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Yummiest thing you buy on Ocado?

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Plantpotpot3 Fri 14-Aug-20 20:48:46

My shopping basket looks the same every week.

What gem am I missing out on?

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KenAdams Sat 15-Aug-20 09:56:02

I bought a fondue mix yesterday which was lovely. Used up all the bits in the fridge to dip into it so I might keep some in now as a clear the fridge meal.

Backarackhams Sat 15-Aug-20 10:08:38

This. Sounds really random, but it's mega delicious!

PissPotPourri Sat 15-Aug-20 10:09:01

D'Arbo jam. Omg, midpriced but exceptional. Try the strawberry and you'll never buy a different make again

Thinkle Sat 15-Aug-20 11:54:58

This with the Strozzapretti pasta in the deal.

TheyThoughtItWasAllOver Sat 15-Aug-20 11:55:01

I love their guacamole

Plantpotpot3 Sat 15-Aug-20 15:03:08

Ooh loving these suggestions!

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Destinysdaughter Sat 15-Aug-20 15:06:17

If they still do it, this is bloody delicious!

Xiaoxiong Sat 15-Aug-20 15:16:12

Picard cheese gougons
Picard frozen croissants
Picard paella, gnocchi and spinach gratin
Slabs potato crisps
Reflets de France Brillat Savarin cheese
Reflets de France wild boar rillettes
Reflets dr france brioche loaf, sliced, soaked with simple syrup, buttered with v soft butter, topped with halved apricots and balls of marzipan and flaked almonds and baked grin

Bloomburger Sat 15-Aug-20 15:24:10

Their falafel mix is amazing.
Just add water, roll into little balls and fry.
Serve with tzatziki pitta and salad.

TheVanguardSix Sat 15-Aug-20 15:24:24

Unearthed Bavarian Frankfurters are gorgeous
Picard fondant is perfection
Crosta & Mollica pane pugliese
Natoora fennel (if you love fennel)
Tomato stall Isle of Wight tomatoes
Rocks orange squash is gorgeous with sparkling water
Ocado honeydew melon is consistently good!
Reflets de France Knacks (sausages)
Epicure set honey is gorgeous!
D'arbo raspberry jam is food of the gods

WellIWasInTheNeighbourhoo Sat 15-Aug-20 15:27:27

Brindisa chocolate coated figs, food of the gods.

HexyAndIKnowIt Sat 15-Aug-20 17:02:33

Ocado's new ice cream range, particularly rum and raisin and caramel and pecan!

Xiaoxiong Sat 15-Aug-20 17:53:25

Oh yes totally agree about the Isle of Wight tomato box. £10 for an absolute mountain of the best tomatoes you will find anywhere, we have been living on them all summer!

spagbog5 Sat 15-Aug-20 18:14:34

Natoora melon -£7 but incredible
Waitrose sweet potato falafel
Natoora butter lettuce- kids fought over the last leaves !
Ocado wraps
Natoora Parma ham
Isle of white tomato box
Natoora dried apricots

FuckyNel Sat 15-Aug-20 18:17:49

Brindisa churros

Tiptree salted caramel sauce

Plantpotpot3 Sat 15-Aug-20 18:24:57

Ok now I’m very hungry! grin

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