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Question for Aussies/ those who live in Aus about Christmas

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Change17 Fri 14-Aug-20 14:01:17

So I’ve been living here the last few years and was discussing Christmas with an Aussie friend of mine today. He told me that schools in Australia (other than religious schools) don’t teach the Christmas story. And children don’t do things like nativity plays. I knew that Austria was a secular country but I suppose it never clicked for me that this means they wouldn’t learn these things.

I’m not religious but I do think it’s a shame to celebrate a holiday but not actually know what or why you’re celebrating it. I asked him “so what would most Aussie kids think Christmas was?” And he said “I don’t know. A fun day where they get to eat chocolate and get presents.”

I’m not saying that a lot of British kids wouldn’t follow this train of thought as well. And I suppose I never realised how much of a traditionalist I perhaps am! I’m curious to hear from parents in Australia if they agree with it not being taught? If you don’t agree, have you taken it upon yourselves to teach it?

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mbosnz Fri 14-Aug-20 14:27:10

Not Aussie, but NZ, and no, we don't do nativity plays at school. Some of our schools did a program, 'Bible in Schools', whereby volunteers go and teach the lessons of the Bible to primary school children, but that is increasingly controversial, and many schools are discontinuing it. You also have the choice to opt your children out of it, even if the school does allow it.

It's up to parents to decide whether they want their children to know the Bible stories (or Koran, etc, etc).

Over there, it is very much more a celebration of family, summer, barbeques, etc, although many if not most also do a Christmas tree, gifts etc.

I taught my kids the bible stories, and when they were little, I used to read them the nativity story every Christmas Eve. I also opted them out of BIS, when the numbskulls saw fit to show a film involving the crucifixion to six year olds.

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