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So worried/stressed - work situation

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dandeloin Fri 14-Aug-20 06:57:22

Morning All,

I started a new job 6 months ago, having been with my previous employer for 12 years. Two weeks into the new job, COVID hit and I've ben working from home (with 3 young kids). I have posted before about how unsettled I was in the job, things are no better. I am so stressed with it that I am attending online counselling sessions for anxiety. I have spoken with my manger who has been surprisingly supportive, but until something changes with the job type I don't know how I can feel better. To top it all off, my husband was informed last night that his working hours will be changed (not reduced or anything, just different - plus he earns quite a bit more than I do). This will leave a big gap in our current childminding arrangements for when the kids go back to school. We will need 3 extra days of care a week plus school drops, so upsetting for them and will also cost a lot more. I don't know where to turn, am awake half the night (again) worrying about it all, and the future. I cant see the wood from the trees anymore. As a mom, the sensible thing would be for us to make the decision that I leave the job and stay at home with the DC but that's such a difficult one to make in the current economic climate. I am in a state about lies ahead of me with work today. The guy who trains me can be a bit "short" with me when I ask for help but everyone is so busy in the department, I don't blame him. As the new person, its an impossible situation, trying to get to grips with it all at home, via Teams, with my family around. I would really appreciate some words of wisdom. Thank you so much.

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Zoell Fri 14-Aug-20 16:32:54

Hey I’m currently in the same boat I think.Im expecting a baby in December and I’m unsure of what to do money wise.I work 25 hours a week at a carehome but childcare is going to cost more than I make.I don’t know if there’s any help out there if you just leave your job.I think I would b better leaving for 3 years but I would like to return.Im just feeling a bit stuck

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