Am I about to miscarry?

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GertieB Fri 14-Aug-20 06:43:33

After my 3rd round of IVF I finally got a BFP on the 11th of Aug after my 2ww. In all honesty I felt pregnant from the Saturday so I tested then, and every day until my planned test day.
The next day my pregnancy symptoms (sore boobs) seemed to stop, and there was a very slight drop in my BBT.
Since then my sore boobs are back with a vengeance, but my BBT is steadily declining. I went from 36.99 last Saturday to 36.79 this morning.
I haven't started bleeding or anything but I do have very mild back ache which has been coming and going. I'm still taking progesterone (cyclogest).
I'm trying not to worry too much, but it's hard.
The other factor is the ambient temperature was 29 degrees when my BBT at its highest, now it's more like 16, could this affect the BBT.
Has anyone been through a similar thing, and either had a miscarriage or continued on to have a healthy baby?

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Impatientwino Fri 14-Aug-20 06:49:50

Early pregnancy is an absolute bastard.

You must be so worried. I can't speak for temperatures as I didn't monitor mine but I did have lots of back ache and a loss of any discernible symptoms with all of mine in the early weeks. I also had a few small bleeds with two for them and all was well.

I'd say to try not to worry but that's so very hard I know thanks

crosser62 Fri 14-Aug-20 06:58:13

Is that a thing now to measure temperature?
I never knew this, nor did I ever do it.

The long and short of it is of course there is absolutely no way of predicting. It’s all bollocks,
100 women could come on here with 100 stories which will all be different experiences and different out comes with 100 different symptoms.

It’s now a very anxious waiting game.
Until that moment that your baby is put onto your arms, anything can happen.
Keep well, keep going, don’t get drawn in to all the shite that will just add to your worry like symptom spotting, testing anything that can be tested and just go with it.
Just let your body quietly get on with its work.
Either way, it will see you through.
Best of luck.

polkadotpixie Fri 14-Aug-20 07:08:16

Stop temping, for your own sanity!

As you can see, I continued to temp until I was about 6 weeks and drove myself nuts over the ups and downs

polkadotpixie Fri 14-Aug-20 07:09:01

My son is about to turn 2 btw, so the dips didn't mean anything bad

Asiama Fri 14-Aug-20 07:13:54

Hi OP, it's normal for temperatures to fluctuate. I drove myself mad temping for the first 8 weeks of pregnancy as I worried about every temperature dip (especially as I had bleeding too). Best advice is to stop temping after BFP!

Dozer Fri 14-Aug-20 07:14:08

Agree with the PP to stop temping. Would think about ways to get through the waiting and feel as OK as possible (mentally) given the difficult circumstances. I personally found work, distraction with easy content (Eg novels, TV), avoiding people and early nights helpful! When my anxiety affected me a lot also found counselling good.


BertieBotts Fri 14-Aug-20 07:18:04

BBT can't tell you anything at this stage. It's normal for symptoms to come and go at this stage. Neither means you are likely to miscarry.

Are you having an early scan at all? If so try to stay distracted until then. I know it's hard to do. See if you can get absorbed in a really gripping book, TV series or an addictive game!

GertieB Fri 14-Aug-20 07:23:04

That's good to know thank you.
I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I'll try not to worry.

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GertieB Fri 14-Aug-20 07:26:26

You're all so kind for responding thank you, you've really helped so much. I'll stop checking my BBT and start with the distractions!
My early scan is the 28th. So not too far away.

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AintOverUntilTheCatLadySings Fri 14-Aug-20 07:28:56

I don't think you are about to miscarry.

Symptom and progression spotting is a bastard in early pregnancy. I've never found it to be helpful either tbh.

I've had 6 pregnancies (1dc, 4mc and I'm currently 17weeks pregnant now), and my dc came from a 'non viable' pregnancy, 2 mcs had 'signs' that they'd end early, 2 mcs seemed really strong and positive, and this pregnancy has been almost entirely symptomless.

I drive myself mad in early pregnancy but have realised, for me at least, it's impossible to predict an outcome.

Just look after yourself- treat yourself like you're a person you're trying to woo/impress - and do little things to make the weeks whizz by.

I really feel for you at the moment. But you're doing everything right and hopefully everything will be fine daffodil

User43210 Fri 14-Aug-20 07:48:25

My BBT dropped the day of or day before my CP bleed. However, my tests also became really faint that day then the bleed started.

36.79 I wouldn't say is actually low enough to be a drop (this pregnancy I was panicking when getting around 36.8, possibly even in the 36.70s) but a drop would be like 36.6 or lower I think to be relevant.

As you mentioned, yes the temperature can have an affect, also restless nights, a new fan or anything like that can cause it to be a little lower than normal.

I'm 10+3 and just stopped temping every day the other week, I also still do it now and then when I'm worried, although even if I MC it will likely stay high for a while anyway because of the hormones. My advice would be, if you're strong enough to, put the thermometer down! Enjoy (as difficult as it is) and fingers crossed for you!!!

Pregnancy symptoms do disappear periodically and it's scary but try to think of it as a rest, rather than a cause for concern and enjoy the freedom from nausea and pain!!

GertieB Mon 11-Jan-21 16:57:52

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to do a follow up post to say you were all spot on, there was nothing to worry about.
I'm about to hit the third trimester (still can't believe it!).
I just wanted to thank you all again for your comments, I can't tell you all what a difference it made hearing your opinions.

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Sheleg Mon 11-Jan-21 17:05:40

That's great news! Hope the third trimester is treating you well.

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