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poo trolls - just here?

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria Wed 12-Aug-20 13:40:25

Having a scatalogical laugh with DS12 and I said something about the poo troll. Blank look from him. He decided it is a boomer issue.

Are poo trolls unique to MN, or am I indeed, despite being not even 50 yet, a boomer?

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justoverthehorizon Wed 12-Aug-20 13:42:38

Blank look from me too

Flymetothetoon Wed 12-Aug-20 13:43:45

You're too young to be classed as a 'boomer' - I bloody hate that term anyway.

Seriouslymole Wed 12-Aug-20 13:51:13

It's only on MN that I have heard the term. I'm not even sure what it means - I'm assuming people that post about poo and/or are obsessed with it...

bookmum08 Wed 12-Aug-20 13:55:39

I am sure there are probably Reddit sub forums devoted to the subject. However I am not going looking. Yuk.

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