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Friendships ruined by Covid and the lockdown

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Friendsoftheearth Wed 12-Aug-20 10:58:25

I am just wondering how many people feel the same about their friends after what has been a very testing time.

I have some great friends, intelligent women that I have respected for a long time but I am at a loss as to how I feel about some of them now. It is certainly the case I feel much closer to some good friends after this, but others not so much. They have exposed a selfishness and entitlement I had not seen before the lockdown and/or the easing of lockdown and wondered if anyone else was feeling the same? Are these friendships now over? I can't quite see some of them in the same light anymore, and I don't feel like seeing them again.

Examples are:

Friends that flew to Spain two days ago, and they are intending to put their children back into school on their return, and go back to work (despite knowing when they left they would need to quarantine and it was essential travel only) Their explanation is that they think they can get away with it, so why not. I think it is deeply unfair to put others at risk, and I am struggling to even reply to her messages now. What kind of person does that??

Friends I did not hear a peep out of for the whole lockdown now demanding endless get togethers as if nothing happened. It was six months of radio silence more or less. I messaged and checked up on them, they could not be bothered to do the same.

Friends that have travelled through three different hot spot countries in Europe, going to multiple family parties. They are now back and want to meet up, seemingly completely oblivious to their own risk, and therefore ours if we see them. It is like virus, what virus? It is gorgeous in xxx and xxxx.

I really understand that everyone has a different reaction to times such as this, but it does seem to have opened up a whole chasm of difference that was not there before. I can't see some of my friends in the same way anymore, I can't get past some of the selfish choices, the complete lack of regard of other people's lives and health. Is anyone else feeling like this? I thought they were decent people, and honestly I am not sure they are now.

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RandomTree Wed 12-Aug-20 11:06:53

I think I'd struggle with some of the things you mention more than others.

Going to Spain and refusing to quarantine I would find really difficult.

But not being in contact much during lockdown and wanting to meet up now it's over sounds ok to me? People dealt with lockdown in different ways - some retreated into their family bubble without much contact with the wider world and I think that's fair enough.

StylishMummy Wed 12-Aug-20 11:14:57

I'm one of the people acting like life is back to normal bar face masks and distancing. Life is not meant to be on hold for 6 months, it's not healthy. If you choose to end friendships then you can, but I'd be the same.

Friendsoftheearth Wed 12-Aug-20 11:22:36

stylish My life isn't on hold at all, we have had a brilliant summer! We have seen tons of friends and been out every day. I take it from your post you haven't quarantined after a holiday, and thats okay is it??

random Exactly, I can get my head around the lockdown and feeling the need to go underground, but totally dismissing quarantine because it doesn't apply to them apparently shows a really different side of someone's character.

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