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Anyone else hate summer?

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treefox3513 Tue 11-Aug-20 11:13:42

I can't say I've ever liked it. As a child I wasn't bothered by it, I would look forward to escaping school for a while but that's it. I preferred the rainy days, even from a young age. I recall snuggling up with some favourite tv and watching thunder storms and just feeling gloriously content.

As a late teen my job was seasonal and all summer long I worked from 8am to 8 or 9pm, in the sweltering heat, with no fan, dealing with 100's of people (some drunk and obnoxious) and at the end of the day I was exhausted and completely peopled out. On my day off the last thing I wanted to do was go outside and be around more people, wether I had to interact with them or not.

This has only intensified as I have got older and had two DC. Keeping a toddler and a 11 month old suitably sun creamed and hydrated is a full time job! There's no shade in my garden and babies do not sleep in the heat, meaning less sleep for my husband and I who are already struggling to sleep in the humid weather.

All the loud people appear in the summer, yelling and screaming in their gardens, music is louder, parties longer and bigger. I can't have the DC's windows open during the evening whilst they are trying to sleep, it's usually too loud.

I never felt guilty for not enjoying the hot humid weather until I had DC. Now I'm expected to 'make the most of it' 'make memories' and 'enjoy the glorious sunshine' which is now already so hot we have come back home from the park.

I enjoy layering up, wearing my boots and feeling the crisp leaves crunch underfoot, breathing in the cool crisp air and enjoying a hot coffee on autumn walks. Life seems easier, quieter, less chaotic.

Other than my husband, I don't know anyone else who dislikes summer to the extent that we do.

It has been suggested that it could possibly be sensory overload, there is so much going on I the summer and so many people, it's a lot to take in.

Anyone else feel like this?

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runbummyrun Tue 11-Aug-20 11:26:11

Me too. Hate it.

I hate going on holiday too. It's done me a favour this year with Covid, didn't have to make up an excuse.

treefox3513 Tue 11-Aug-20 11:31:27

Yes me too! We have a centre parcs holiday booked for November, lots of wooded cool walks and marshmallows by the fire type of thing. Going to Spain and sweating on a big beach is my idea of hell grin

Before DC we enjoyed holidays to Iceland and Norway, mainly in the spring time.

Although I know at some point for DC sake we will end up at a Spanish water park hmm

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MintyCedric Tue 11-Aug-20 11:45:32

Totally agree with you.

I'm not a fan of outdoors, heat or people.

Most of my colleagues do nothing but waffle on about the 'glorious weather' fresh air and 'making the most it' as you've described.

My idea of making the most of it is staying indoors, in the shade with a cool drink and an and hoping to God it goes away quickly.

MintyCedric Tue 11-Aug-20 11:45:56


treefox3513 Tue 11-Aug-20 11:49:24

@MintyCedric my colleagues are equally as enthusiastic, going as far as to wish everyone a happy bbq last Friday as they assumed all of us would be out grilling and sweating!

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Abracadabra12345 Tue 11-Aug-20 12:06:21

I think I’ve found my people! Every single thing you’ve said, OP.


MintyCedric Tue 11-Aug-20 12:08:35

You are not alone...


Pepperwand Tue 11-Aug-20 12:11:41

You are not alone! It's far too hot for me, let alone my DC. No playgroups or soft plays are open so I can't even take them out somewhere inside so inevitably we end up stuck inside most of the day all getting cranky with one another. We do try to head out either first thing in the morning or after 4.30pm just to potter in the garden for a bit but I cope far better in autumn!

treefox3513 Tue 11-Aug-20 12:17:57

@MintyCedric thank you for the link, I'm truly not alone! Yay grin

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treefox3513 Tue 11-Aug-20 12:19:00

@Pepperwand the soft plays, swimming and water parks being shut has been so difficult. Like you said there's nowhere to take little ones other than outside and it's far too hot so we all inevitably end up indoors all day!

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MrsMcTats Tue 11-Aug-20 12:50:46

Totally agree. Hate it. Spring and Autumn are my months - don't need a big coat, but tights and boots are still fine! I enjoy low 20's heat when by the coast or in a pool, but at home in our crazy hot house, with three small thank you. I agree the constant worry about sun cream, staying hydrated etc is exhausting. I'm sweating buckets and look a complete mess. I'm also totally unproductive. Can't stand to clean or do anything. Cooking every night in our boiling kitchen is a nightmare. Not to worry though, in a few short weeks Autumn arriveth and all will be well smile

treefox3513 Tue 11-Aug-20 14:18:30

Tuesday 22nd September autumn officially begins grin

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Tinsellball Tue 11-Aug-20 14:24:47

I'm hating it today, can't wait until it becomes crisper.

My face feels damp to the touch and I get sticky hand sanitizer on it if I try to wipe away a trickle.

thedaytodayyesterday Tue 11-Aug-20 14:30:29

It's so bloody humid today, my hay-fever is off the scale, everything is crap. It's boiling hot yet its so humid the washing won't even dry. I'm dreaming of putting my massive trespass ultra warm mega coat on going for a walk in the freezing cold, coming home putting the fire on, having some hot chocolate and everything being better again.
Also, it's been really hot recently and yet raining? So what on earth are you supposed to wear in those conditions?

Toilenstripes Tue 11-Aug-20 14:35:48

I think it depends on what you’re used to. Until I moved to England I’d never heard of anyone who hated or even disliked summer. I find it rather odd as I grew up in a tropical climate and then lived on the American west coast for many years.

Boscoismyspiritanimal Tue 11-Aug-20 15:20:29

Ugh hate it with a passion.

Afonavon Tue 11-Aug-20 15:30:27

I bloody hate it! Clammy skin, migraines, sleepless nights. The only good thing is the school holidays.

SecretWitch Tue 11-Aug-20 15:43:15

I am counting the days until summer is over. Hate the heat and bright sunlight. Bring on cool, rainy, foggy days. I do think the nights are starting to draw in a bit..

spiderlight Tue 11-Aug-20 16:15:38

My people!! I cannot wait for Autumn.

millmoo Tue 11-Aug-20 16:19:41

Hate it hate it hate it.
I hate being hot and bothered. I burn within about 20 mins of being in the sun even with a high factor sun cream on. I have no energy and I hate not being able to sleep at night ! Roll on Winter .

Crystal87 Tue 11-Aug-20 16:23:58

I prefer Autumn. I don't like being hot and sweaty and sun in my eyes. The best time of year for me is end of October/ November when it's cool but not freezing.

Mommabear20 Tue 11-Aug-20 16:25:04

Always hated summer, however a week in the sun in Spain is nice (mainly as they have a/c and swimming pools 😂)
Autumn and winter are better by far!

SnuggyBuggy Tue 11-Aug-20 16:28:43

I wouldn't mind it if it was just a month or never went above 25 Celsius maybe

RosieLemonade Tue 11-Aug-20 16:29:14

But in autumn we will be locked down and won’t be able to meet families in parks.

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