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We’ve just had the mother of thunderstorms!

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Sheknowsaboutme Mon 10-Aug-20 17:16:36

bloodyhell, haven’t experienced one that ferocious for years! Terribly loud thunder, the type that shakes your home. Flash flooding too in some areas.

But now we’ve got sunshine and warmth again🙂

Have you had a thunderstorm?

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TheLightSideOfTheMoon Mon 10-Aug-20 17:17:40


I want one.

wowfudge Mon 10-Aug-20 17:17:44

Where are you?

DobbyTheHouseElk Mon 10-Aug-20 17:17:47

No. It’s cool and overcast here.

YgritteSnow Mon 10-Aug-20 17:17:50

No I wish! 🥵

Where are you? Maybe it's headed my way.

Strawberrycreamsundae Mon 10-Aug-20 17:17:54

Where are you?
It’s just muggy here, north Wiltshire, light cloud.

BarefootHippieChick Mon 10-Aug-20 17:18:26


I want one

Me too!

Crunchymum Mon 10-Aug-20 17:18:38

Where are you?

LadyCatStark Mon 10-Aug-20 17:18:39

No just a medium shower 🙁

ineedaholidaynow Mon 10-Aug-20 17:20:39

We had one all morning, SW. Some of the claps of thunder made me jump. Quite localised though. Hot and sunny now.

TopBitchoftheWitches Mon 10-Aug-20 17:21:30

Still hot as fuck here. 🙄

WhereDoesThisToiletGo Mon 10-Aug-20 17:21:53

Anglesey North Wales is really getting it! Send it south please!

TFSRM Mon 10-Aug-20 17:22:14

We've just had one in Worcestershire. Lots of thunder and sudden downpour but now sunny again.

WhereDoesThisToiletGo Mon 10-Aug-20 17:22:30

MrsBtobe1208 Mon 10-Aug-20 17:22:32

North west here. Had rain for about 10 minutes earlier but really want a thunderstorm 🤞🏻🤞🏻

howlathebees Mon 10-Aug-20 17:22:54

None here! I want it!

edwinbear Mon 10-Aug-20 17:23:21

I'm in London. I'd sell the DC for a proper thunderstorm right now.

Shadowboy Mon 10-Aug-20 17:23:39

@TFSRM I’m in Worcestershire and nothing here? Roughly which bit? We need some rain!

EggysMom Mon 10-Aug-20 17:24:08

I'm watching the rain radar but it looks like it's going to skip round us. Darn it.

WhereDoesThisToiletGo Mon 10-Aug-20 17:25:51

No! It's heading north into the Irish Sea... No use to anyone's garden out there

Soubriquet Mon 10-Aug-20 17:26:04


And it looks like it’s going to miss is completely

DeeDimer Mon 10-Aug-20 17:26:50

Waiting for it here in South Wales...Nasty flash flooding in Aberystwyth.

QuestionableMouse Mon 10-Aug-20 17:27:24

There's a massive one over North Wales.

golddustwomen Mon 10-Aug-20 17:31:05

@edwinbear brilliant 😂

golddustwomen Mon 10-Aug-20 17:31:47

Birmingham, no sign of a thunderstorm yet. I'm melting.

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