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Toothache remedies

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Snailsetssail Mon 10-Aug-20 13:30:23

I’m in absolute agony, have an appointment in 2 weeks for an extraction. Dentist has given antibiotics over the phone.

I’ve tried oragel, clove oil, paracetamol, nurofen, naproxen and an ice pack and I’m still in agony.

Any suggestions of anything else I can try? I can’t cope with this for 2 weeks.

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Purpleice Mon 10-Aug-20 13:35:16

Salt water rinse. Don’t eat anything with sugar. I had this a few weeks ago, to the point where I thought I was going to throw up with the pain. It went, very gradually, over the course of a week after the antibiotics had kicked in. It’s hell and I’m sorry you are suffering.

Snailsetssail Mon 10-Aug-20 13:45:30

@Purpleice thanks. I’ve been using some cortisol mouthwash but will try salt water too.

It’s just awful, trying to entertain a 3 year old and 1 year old and just want to lie on to sofa and cry.

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