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Considering moving to Sunderland

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TheMaskOfZorro Sun 09-Aug-20 19:04:17

I'm investigating moving to Sunderland and wondered if anyone could tell me there experience of it.

I'm after somewhere by the coast, where the rent isn't too high, and Sunderland seems to match the criteria.

I don't need to worry about schools and I work online. I would like somewhere peaceful but not dead.

Any opinions and suggestions of naice areas would be great.

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VictoriaBun Sun 09-Aug-20 19:05:42

What area are you currently living and have you ever visited the area ?

Thatnameistaken Sun 09-Aug-20 19:35:16

There are some great beaches along that coastline, and there's a growing arts and culture scene in the centre.

chomalungma Sun 09-Aug-20 19:43:52

Have you ever been to that part of the world?
It's cheap in Hartlepool. There are beaches and it's probably not too quiet.

Bunnybigears Sun 09-Aug-20 19:46:16

I live in Sunderland, what is your budget? Fulwell, Whitburn, Cleadon are the nicest bits near the coast. Ashbrooke is a nice bit near the city centre. There are some bits you absolutely want to avoid..

TheMaskOfZorro Sun 09-Aug-20 21:07:05

No I haven't yet visited, although I have family connections. I live in Cornwall and renting down here is crazy, so I'm looking for coastal but cheaper.

My budget is from £500 to £700. I guess something villagey and quiet near the beach is what I'm after.

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Bunnybigears Sun 09-Aug-20 21:13:46

I dont really know how much things rent for around here unfortunately but if you want village like you are best of looking in Fulwell or Whitburn but neither are villages really. Seaham and South Shields also might be worth a look although again there are places you want to avoid. North Shields and Tynemouth are lovely but will be more expensive.

Bluemooninmyeyes1 Sun 09-Aug-20 21:27:12

My partners family are from Sunderland and it’s lovely! Good shops (not far away from the metro centre), some beautiful parks, lovely beaches, friendly people and rents are pretty cheap too. Good luck OP

Bunnybigears Sun 09-Aug-20 21:43:53

4forkssake Sun 09-Aug-20 21:46:59

Clemson & Whitburn are lovely, but it depends on if you want to be near the beach or right on the beach.

Here's an example of places in Cleadon

MrsPworkingmummy Sun 09-Aug-20 21:55:13

Hi OP, I recently moved back to Sunderland after living in North Tyneside/Northumberland for 10 years. We lived in a farm house in a semi - rural area, and now have a completely different lifestyle after moving to Ashbrooke which is slap bang in the city centre. Whitburn is absolutely beautiful, with lots of period stone housing and a village feel. Roker is also lovely, and we wish we'd moved there last year when we had the chance as we had no chain. Both fairy affluent and middle class. House prices here are amazingly good value. We've over halved our mortgage after using our equity! There is lots of investment and improvements going on in the city behind the scenes, and a great music culture.

Summerhillsquare Sun 09-Aug-20 22:07:21

Whitburn is the prettiest villagiest bit. Seaburn is more trad seaside resort. Rocker nearest city centre, more up and coning. I like South Shields personally. All the beaches are sandy and pretty clean.

Bunnybigears Sun 09-Aug-20 22:17:17

Some parts of Roker are nice, near the park etc but the part I live in is definitely not middle class, lots of HMO's etc. Although even though we quite often have police etc visiting houses in the street I feel my children are safe to walk the streets (although they are streetwise kids).

underneaththeash Sun 09-Aug-20 22:41:11

It wouldn’t be my cup of tea. You need to visit before you move.

Mammyloveswine Sun 09-Aug-20 23:49:07

I live in north Tyneside and wouldn't move to Sunderland at all!!

But North Shields is ok and actually quite up and coming (the fish quay is quite the place for new bars and restaurants!).

I also really like South Shields! You get a lot of house for your money, lovely beaches and marine park is lovely!

WentworthPrison Mon 10-Aug-20 08:04:49


It wouldn’t be my cup of tea. You need to visit before you move.

I completely agree. I don't like the Sunderland area and the beaches aren't as great as people say. Go further North.

charpley162 Mon 10-Aug-20 08:10:13

@TheMaskOfZorro I'm from Sunderland and I love it. I think it's very underrated! Barnes/ashbrooke are lovely areas, will parks near and only a 15 minute drive to the beach and 5 minute drive into town.

But if you want to be closer to the beach cleadon is lovely but a bit more expensive. I've lived in Barnes for years now and when I rented it was always around the £500 mark.

Eeeeeeeok Mon 10-Aug-20 08:12:32

Its a good few degrees colder with a bracing wind and lots of rain. I lived in London for several years and moved back to Newcastle where I'm from a few years ago. It's been hard at times. But lots of these things depend on the individual. But the weather thing is true regardless!

Glitterandunicorns Mon 10-Aug-20 08:24:46

Hi OP. I'm a Geordie so may be slightly biased, but if you're after coastal life in the North, Sunderland wouldn't be my choice. As a PP said, Tynemouth is incredibly beautiful but it'll cost you an arm and a leg to rent anywhere near the coast. It is one of my favourite places in the world though.

North Shields is not very nice to be honest. The town centre is fairly rough and def not villagey in the way that Tynemouth is.

I'd recommend somewhere further north, like Northumberland. That should offer you a better mix of coastal and village, whilst still not being too far from relatives in Sunderland. It is also beyond beautiful there.

You definitely need to do some visiting to get a feel for the places though. Best of luck!

Mammyloveswine Mon 10-Aug-20 08:40:16

@Glitterandunicorns ha when we were on lockdown my 4 year old said the first place he wanted to go after lockdown was "North Shields"!

I think North Shields like most places has lovely parts and not so lovely parts.

The advantages are that you can easily get the metro (into Newcastle or the coast),the fish quay is great for bars and restaurants, there's a lovely marina at the royal quays and you'll get somewhere decent within budget.

However the dead centre of North Shields is a bit run down.

I live in wallsend (some refer to it as rough) and love it! The shops are handy, the park is fantastic, beautiful big Victorian terrace houses, 15 mins from town and the coast.. the rising sun country park within walking distance..

You definitely need to visit though! There are so many areas that would fit what you're after!

Fldn33r Mon 10-Aug-20 09:01:55

Another Geordie who may be biased but, as someone that has to go to Sunderland often for work, I wouldn't live there. Admittedly I don't know the coastal villages so they may well be lovely, but the rest is...not.

If I were you I'd look at Whitley Bay, Tynemouth (if you can afford it), or further up Northumberland way. I live about 10 minutes drive from Whitley bay (and on the Metro line so can be there by public transport easily in 15 minutes) and I love it because I have both the coast and Newcastle on my doorstep.

Fldn33r Mon 10-Aug-20 09:03:08

<Waves> at @Mammyloveswine from the other side of Rising Sun

Glitterandunicorns Mon 10-Aug-20 09:59:43

@Mammyloveswine I know Wallsend well! I lived there many moons ago. The park is lovely, and it is handy for getting to Newcastle but it is quite rough (sorry!) Quite right that there are nice parts and not so nice parts of any town though.

@Fldn33r Whitley Bay is lovely too!

Mammyloveswine Mon 10-Aug-20 11:06:16

Haha @Fldn33r 👋

Mammyloveswine Mon 10-Aug-20 11:07:47

Haha @Glitterandunicorns but but manhattans nightclub?? Not the best selling point

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