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Do I need a dermatologist?

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NCParanoia Sat 08-Aug-20 20:59:22

MN I need to consult the oracle!

I'm almost 29 and have been lucky to have pretty good skin all my life. A few hormonal breakouts here and there but otherwise my skin is good. Its probably genetic as my DM has good skin too.

To get to the point: I'd really love to go and see a skin doctor so that I can get advice on how to best look after my skin. What types of products I should be using and how to use them properly to basically keep my skin as healthy as I can.

I already drink lots of water and i don't smoke or drink a lot but other than that I have no skin care regime to talk of.

Can anyone recommend someone that is trained to provide this service, or what in fact it is that I'm looking for? Is it a dermatologist?! I really want to be advised by someone who is really fucking good at this and has the cred to back it up, a Dr I suppose?

(I really don't want some shite MLM products shifted my way by someone who doesn't have a clue)

I hope this makes sense and thanks in advance!

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PoxyPixie Sat 08-Aug-20 21:05:11

A dermatologist would be the right person if you’re wanting to see somebody. I follow Dr Anjali Mahto on Instagram. She’s a dermatologist and has a book called The Skincare Bible that might be worth checking out as a cheaper option first!

NCParanoia Sat 08-Aug-20 21:09:39

Thanks PoxiePixie thats good to know, ill check her out.

I have tried skin care regimes in the past but always ballsed them up somehow and ended up screwing up my skin for a while, hence why I just want someone to tell me what I need for my skin and I can stick to it! (I am lazy)

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