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GoHenry card

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shouldbeironing100 Sat 08-Aug-20 12:52:19

My DC keep asking for one.

Would anyone recommend this? Does it give them a sense of being older and is it a faff to put money on?

Thank you.

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sleepismysuperpower1 Sat 08-Aug-20 12:54:18

how old are they? You might be better with a cash card (with which you don't have to pay fees etc) from the likes of Santander

lorn195 Sat 08-Aug-20 12:55:32

My son used to have one and it was great as the app allows you to track the spend and set limits i.e how much he could take out from an ATM, and use where he could spend it. You can transfer money and top up automatically, which does make life easier.

dementedpixie Sat 08-Aug-20 13:00:45

I would wait until your child was 11 and then they can get a current account with a card from a high street bank

Iliketeaagain Sat 08-Aug-20 13:05:10

I have a Revolut account. I can get a junior card for my dd, which she can have her pocket money on and she has an app which shows her how much money she has on it. I do pay to have "premium" so I could get 2 junior accounts. I figured go Henry cost ?£3 ish per month, and Revolut premium is £7, so was easier to have 2 junior accounts and not much more expensive than 2 go Henry cards.
I wanted her to have a card so she could understand if she spent on it, money would go down and once it's empty, there's nothing left to be spent! Partly because I think more and more we are moving to a cashless (or at least very little cash) society, and I wanted to start teaching her about financial management sooner rather than later. Also as she gets older, she will be able to use it to e.g top her phone credit.

iklboo Sat 08-Aug-20 13:22:53

DS has a GoHenry card. All the bloody banks where we live have closed down and the nearest are about 15 miles away - they all demand visit in person with valid ID for obvious security reasons. They're also only open during the hours DH & I work. GoHenry was the best option and works well for us all.

Bumpinthenight Sat 08-Aug-20 13:26:39

DD and I were involved in a trial of a SOLDO card through MN which is like a GoHenry card. I really liked the app - I could control a spending limit; see how much was spent where; and check the balance. I could also toggle on and off whether the card could be used abroad or not.

DD is 12 now and has her own bank account. I don't have to pay for her to have a card. I can't check on her spends or her limit. It is just as easy for me to transfer money from my bank to hers (instantaneous for us, no idea if other banks would differ). She has an app where she can check her balance quickly. She can never go overdrawn on it.

Depends how old your children are to whether or not a GH card would be more beneficial than a bank card. I still think they need to be aware of cash and 'once it is gone it is gone'. That helps with understanding virtual, unseen money too.

LER83 Sat 08-Aug-20 13:29:02

My 10yr old ds and 8yr old dd have had gohenry accounts for about 18 months. Personally I think they are great! They can use the app to manage their money, set saving goals, chore list to tick off to get more money, can set spending limits etc. It has really helped both of them learn about saving, my eldest has saved just under £100 which he is really pleased with. They love being able to use contactless in shops etc. You do have to pay for it but I think it's worth it.

KrabbyPatties Sat 08-Aug-20 13:31:15

It’s an excellent idea and has really
Encouraged my son to save

He gets a fiver a week which was being splurged on junk (tiger bread!) before.
Just bought himself a lost of Lego with his lockdown savings

Paddingtonthebear Sat 08-Aug-20 13:32:46

DD 7 has a Rooster card which is the same sort of thing as Go Henry. She loves it. You can add or take away money easily, set jobs/chores if you want.

Tinyhumansurvivalist Sat 08-Aug-20 13:33:34

Dd is 6 and has a gohenry card and we both love it.
She can see what extras she can do to earn a bit extra and I can keep an eye on what she spends.

She is much more thoughtful about what she spends or asks for on days out, she knows if she wants a Teddy or toy when we are out she has to use her pennies. It's especially good in the current climate where 99% of shops are refusing to accept cash

Fressia123 Sat 08-Aug-20 13:36:47

My daughter has a rooster and my stepson a gohenry . There isn't much difference between them. All I can say is that the CS of rooster is amazing. The lady replied to my message within minutes one Sunday morning.

Cheerybigbottom Sat 08-Aug-20 13:40:06

My ds has had a gohenry card since he was 7, so he can save on it and use it to buy stuff online. Of course we'll change to a bank card when he's old enough for an account but for now this works well for us.

He has the app on his phone (it doesn't make calls, just Pokemon go and stuff) and he likes checking it to see what he's got, what his saving goals are. He also gives a wee bit each week to charity through it.

It's worth it until they can get a bank card I think.

sunnysidegold Sat 08-Aug-20 13:41:01

@Iliketeaagain we got the revolut ones too.ive loved my revolut card as it helped me get my spending under control so I no longer had a credit card.

I got the kids one each and love being able to put birthday money and stuff into it. I just wish it had the vaults option like the adult card but I thu k something similar will be added in the future.

Paddingtonthebear Sat 08-Aug-20 13:45:37

I have a £10 off referral code for Rooster if anyone wants one

mamaoffourdc Sat 08-Aug-20 13:55:06

My four have Osper cards which are great too

kierenthecommunity Sat 08-Aug-20 14:04:40

My DS (8) has the RoosterMoney account but without a card. For now if he wants something, I buy it then deduct it from his ‘balance.’

PontiacBandit Sat 08-Aug-20 14:11:34

I thought it was a bit expensive so waited until they were 11 and went for the junior bank account with debit card.

OVienna Sat 08-Aug-20 15:21:32

We use Nimble. Similar to GoHenry. Was thinking of migrating to Revolut junior to have a savings account.

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