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Would you wake DH up or just try and sleep?

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AIBStupid Sat 08-Aug-20 03:17:29

So today I woke up feeling a bit 'blah'. Couldn't put my finger on what was wrong, just didn't feel like myself.

For the past hour I have been getting shooting pains up my side, shoulder blade, pelvic area lower belly and the top of my thigh, all in the right side. Jolts of pain that are keeping me awake and seem to be getting stronger, though currently not unbearable, and I feel nauseous 😢

Around 2 weeks ago (maybe plus a few days) was the last time we had sex, and it wasn't actually during my fertile widow (I track this as we are ttc) so I highly doubt I would be pregnant but when I looked up symptoms, ectopic pregnancy seemed to show up quite a lot. Also I'm not bleeding, though I could have sworn I saw a tiny but of blood when I eipes way earlier on in the day. I'm not even due my period until next week so I'm aware how vanishing small the chances are I'm pregnant!

I don't have a pregnancy test and I don't even know if our 24 hour store is open (due to covid) at this time but would you wake DH up to try and get a test just in case (I don't drive) or just try and get some rest and leave it til the morning?

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Blondie1984 Sat 08-Aug-20 03:21:35

I would call 111 and see what they say

octoberfarm Sat 08-Aug-20 03:35:33

I'd definitely wake up DH and call 111 to get their thoughts. Hope you feel better soon thanks

Hamm87 Sat 08-Aug-20 03:39:15


Boofips Sat 08-Aug-20 03:51:45

Could be a uti. I had the same symptoms from Wednesday, uti reared its ugly head yesterday.

babydisney Sat 08-Aug-20 04:07:23

Leave it see how you feel ect (log issues) if not improved in a couple of hours, then call 111 state issues logged makes it alotneasier for advisor, then go from there.

GlendaSugarbeanIsJudgingYou Sat 08-Aug-20 04:16:30

It's alright to wake him up and tell him you're in pain and worried.

I wouldn't make him run out and get a test though.

cheeseycharlie Sat 08-Aug-20 04:17:03

If you're worried enough to ask us then it's worth worrying about! Give DH a friendly nudge and see how you feel with the light turned on, call 111 together if you don't feel right. It doesn't sound normal. Good luck xx

OohFriend Sat 08-Aug-20 04:22:47

Yes wake him up. You are worried and in pain. This stiff upper lip nonsense does no one any good, but many on mumsnet will claim that even if your leg has fallen off and you are being attacked by wild bears, you shouldn't bother anyone.

Bl3ss3dm0m Sat 08-Aug-20 04:24:36

I'm another one for saying ring 111. As for your partner, have you got children who he would bred to look after if you did have, to go to hospital, or any other responsibilities that would make it very hard for him tomorrow eithoit a lot of sleep? If not, yes wake him, you need the support. If he does, then wait until after you have rung 111 and see what they say. However, if you get too worried, or feel worse, then wake him anyway, hopefully he has had at least 4 hours sleep! Good luck OP, thinking of you.

Sheenais Sat 08-Aug-20 06:45:46

I wouldn’t wake DH just to get a test no. I probably would phone 111 for advice, but it does not necessarily sound like something that could not wait until morning really.

ChateauMargaux Sat 08-Aug-20 06:48:16

Yes, wake him up.

labyrinthloafer Sat 08-Aug-20 06:55:02

Me and dh always wake each other, unless it is something recurrent like my back ache. But something like this, It would never occur to me not to wake him in this situation. Surely he'd want to know if you had a new pain so bad you were asking online and thinking of calling 111.

Hope you feel better soon flowers

Karwomannghia Sat 08-Aug-20 06:59:03

Get some rest, forget about testing for now and ring gp if it gets worse or go to A&E if it becomes an emergency.

LadyofTheManners Sat 08-Aug-20 07:10:52

That also sounds like appendicitis.
I'd wake him and try the NHS symptom checker. It will suggest who to call

Cakeorchocolate Sat 08-Aug-20 09:24:46

I don't think any pg test would show a positive so early anyway. Though there will be hundreds of ppl on mn that will know more about that than me.

How are you now anyway? Did you call 111? Wake DH?

cheeseycharlie Sat 08-Aug-20 10:00:56

How are you doing today OP?

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