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Alternative to WhatsApp I can put on DD's tablet?

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borisjohnsonsstylist Sat 08-Aug-20 07:33:20

Can't she just email you? If she has gmail set her up an email address.

LostInTheColonies Sat 08-Aug-20 07:09:56

Messenger Kids . It's tied to an adult's account, and the adult has to approve all new contacts. Includes silliness with filters and so on. DD (11) loves it.

beautifulmonument Sat 08-Aug-20 07:03:27

(Facebook) Messenger Kids seems to be the safest and most child friendly messaging app

Ditzyduck Sat 08-Aug-20 06:59:29

There's Kik where you can use just a username.

Effinell Sat 08-Aug-20 06:51:40

We use Google hangouts. Can message and video call on it.

Aragog Fri 07-Aug-20 23:10:54

I've not used it or checked it out but there is Messenger Kids which some parents seem to recommend.
There are also other child friendly messenger apps.

miraloma Fri 07-Aug-20 22:45:13

Slack is free and really easy to use! You can log in using google credentials too.

WitchesNStuff Fri 07-Aug-20 22:42:29

We always used hangouts when DS had an ipod touch rather than a phone

Andthewinnerislucky Fri 07-Aug-20 22:02:50

I think there's email and phone option, so you can choose.

Andthewinnerislucky Fri 07-Aug-20 22:01:51

Try Cluster app. Uses email and is on playstore free.

needaMNnamegenerator Fri 07-Aug-20 18:52:14

Thanks for the suggestions everyone smile

She's got a gmail account already so we're trying Google Hangouts first, seems to be working OK so far...

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Extraction20 Fri 07-Aug-20 18:16:47

My dc use Skype.

cliffdiver Fri 07-Aug-20 18:15:16

If it's an iPad and you have an iPhone, you can use iMessage.

If Android, Google Hangouts (don't know much about this one)?

cheesycrisps Fri 07-Aug-20 18:15:13

We use telegram as a family but not sure if it needs to be tied to a number.

Kelsoooo Fri 07-Aug-20 18:15:01

Skype has a message function

TweetUsOnFacebook Fri 07-Aug-20 18:13:59

Facebook messenger. I think you can have it without Facebook.

needaMNnamegenerator Fri 07-Aug-20 18:11:41

7yo DD is going to stay with my mum for a week, a much-needed break for both her and her brother!

She's excited about it but has asked if I can put Whatsapp on her tablet so she can chat with me if she misses me.

I can't as (age limits aside) Whatsapp has to be tied to a phone.

Is there something else we could download for DD to her tablet, that she could use to communicate with me while she's away?

(She's pretty tech-savvy FWIW).

Cheers smile

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