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Summer jobs for students

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mosquitofeast Thu 06-Aug-20 23:52:06

If your home-for-the-summer student children have found summer jobs, what are they doing and how did they find work?

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mosquitofeast Fri 07-Aug-20 08:07:25

Is it possible for students to work for Track and Trace for the summer?

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mosquitofeast Sat 08-Aug-20 14:37:04

any suggestions anyone?

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mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-20 14:38:57

My DD did online order picking for sainsbury for 12 weeks. Applied via the website. She’s now back waitressing which she prefers.

Camomila Sat 08-Aug-20 14:44:46

I keep seeing people advertising for mother's help/pt nanny/baby sitting on facebook.

wentawaycameback Sat 08-Aug-20 15:59:06

More online order picking for Sainsburys' here. Started in March and still going. My DS likes the job - early start but regular hours. He went to customer services with his CV.

mosquitofeast Sat 08-Aug-20 17:10:05

Did your DD just fill in the regular online application @mysteryfairy?

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Meangallery Sat 08-Aug-20 17:13:41

Load of jobs in care homes - ds was too young you have to be 18 but they are crying out for people. He's just found a job in a local cafe - he's worked hard at charming the owner and knew 2 members of staff, she advertised in the local facebook group - he's been looking for ages.

mosquitofeast Sat 08-Aug-20 17:16:32

no care home jobs here, in fact some local care homes only have half the number of residents that they did sad

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heartsonacake Sat 08-Aug-20 17:20:52

Fast food restaurants?

Ragwort Sat 08-Aug-20 17:21:47

My DS got a job in a factory, short contract for just a month but he earned a lot of money. Now he is back at the same pub he worked in last summer.

At the beginning of Lockdown he found it harder to get work so he went round knocking on doors and washing cars - quite successfully grin.

Ragwort Sat 08-Aug-20 17:22:40

Sorry - he found the factory job on our local town FB page - the pub people he knew from last summer so he just phoned them up and as soon as they could open they invited him back.

mysteryfairy Sat 08-Aug-20 17:34:58

The role for sainsbury was specifically advertised. They kept publishing it every week for our nearest big branch. Typically was online mons - weds. She did it from April until a couple of weeks ago after her normal place was reopened and seemed to give her enough shifts.

101namesforme Sat 08-Aug-20 18:03:05

One of DS’s student friends works for the nearest Covid testing station.

vanillandhoney Sat 08-Aug-20 18:25:58

Quite a few cafes and pubs are hiring here. Mostly short-term or temporary work.

Movinghouse2015 Sat 08-Aug-20 18:29:05

My DS is track and tracing. He applied right at the start of the process via an agency. He keeps having his contract extended, so is working until mid September.

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