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I just made an awful mistake at work

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billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 16:47:11

I don't know what to do with myself. It was on social media. A client I have really been trying to impress, I just accidentally posted the wrong thing. Something we had designed, I didn't notice a graphic had snuck in there to do with another campaign they don't support. I am very senior. She is really, really offended. It was late, I was tired. I'm massively overworked and doing jobs I shouldn't be doing. I don't need help fixing the problem (it's far too convoluted), but can anyone help me with the devastation?

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Aquamarine1029 Thu 06-Aug-20 16:50:37

You need to be kind to yourself, op. You're a human being, an exhausted one at that, and you didn't do this maliciously. It was a mistake and we all make them. I'm sorry you're dealing with this.

RedCatBlueCat Thu 06-Aug-20 16:52:43

Be kind to yourself.
Fix it as fast as you can.
Give a sincere apology.
Move on.
flowers and probably some gin tonight.

BlogTheBlogger Thu 06-Aug-20 16:53:31

Why is she offended? Isnt it up to you to chose who else you work for, not your clients?

sitckmansladylove Thu 06-Aug-20 16:54:08

That's tough on you op and more annoying that it was a job not meant for you flowers

InTheWings Thu 06-Aug-20 16:55:03

All you can do is offer a fulsome and unreserved apology.

Tell her it was obviously an accident , and happened under pressure, but let that be an explanation, rather than a justification or excuse, iyswim.

Try not to beat yourself up,. OP.

These things happen - and her being offended...was it actually offensive in any way?

The apology is the main thing, I find.

Be really frank and open, and not defensive with anyone else who needs to know, people in your team or whatever.

Most of us have done some really 'aaaargh' things and wish we could wind back the moment...but it's how we absorb mistakes and move forwards that counts.

Take care of yourself.

1WildTeaParty Thu 06-Aug-20 16:55:51

How long will anyone remember this? (Is it going to be on your tombstone?)

Be as kind to yourself over this as you would be to anyone else who had done it smile

Aquamarine1029 Thu 06-Aug-20 16:56:32

Why is she offended?

I admit, I'm curious about this, too. It's for another client so not even their business. What's to be offended about?

georgedawes Thu 06-Aug-20 16:58:19

A sincere apology and mea culpa "I'm exhausted and made a mistake but of course that is no excuse. Here is what I'm doing to put it right"

Everyone makes mistakes, and you aren't passing the blame or underplaying it. Don't be too hard on yourself (easy for me to say)

Hoppinggreen Thu 06-Aug-20 16:58:33

Did anybody die?
If not then it’s fixable.
DH grandma came to rural Yorkshire pregnant from Germany after her village had been devastated by The Russians. She was an amazing woman but any complaints about life were met with “nobody died”. It’s kind of our family motto now

OhCaptain Thu 06-Aug-20 16:59:10

She’s offended by a social media post?

Human error. It happens.

You’ve apologised and (presumably) deleted it. What else can you do?

billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 17:03:02

Thanks all. Hard to explain, but I work for both orgs, and was posting on behalf of Org A expressing support for Org B current activity. Card should have been on standard Org A background just to show endorsement, but that background is very similar to Campaign C that Org A runs, and designer used the wrong one (same colours - same style).

Org B doesnt support Campaign C and felt that social card was giving reluctant compliment to Org B while sneakily trying to promote Campaign C.

My original client Org A has been working for a long time to try and make relations the best they can between these two orgs, and I've just cocked it right up.

I'm a twat is the upshot.

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billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 17:04:39

I'm knackered though. We do loads of work for both Org A and Org B that is massively underpaid because both charities. I (very senior) basically do the job of a very junior person, usually very well. I REALLY care about both orgs.

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Aquamarine1029 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:06:26

Couldn't the post be deleted right away, or was it an email that was sent out?

Aquamarine1029 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:07:02

You're not a twat, op.

billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 17:09:37

It's been deleted. But I didn't know I'd done anything wrong - so it was up for 24 hours.

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MistyMinge2 Thu 06-Aug-20 17:12:41

You're only human. We all make mistakes. The best you can do is admit to fucking up without giving a load of excuses and give a sincere apology. Don't be too hard on yourself. Hopefully once she's calmed down she'll be a bit more understanding.

sweetbirdofjuice Thu 06-Aug-20 17:20:15

Bloody hell OP, i think this client is taking her opprobrium a bit far saying she is offended, if the organisations are mutually supportive overall (fully aware I don't know the full picture and it sounds as though there are politics at play but it doesn't sound like you you tweeted support for an evangelically pro-life charity on behalf of a feminist group). Dissatisfied on behalf of the organisation, fine, but offended sounds a bit much.

I would just apologise fully, explain it was human error, you weren't trying to undermine their values and you will put it right. if it's just a SM post, can it not just be taken down and replaced ASAP?

But certainly give yourself a break and have a relaxing evening knowing nothing unfixable or catastrophic happened cakewineflowers

billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 17:20:17

I've apologised. But I think I'm rubbish at apologising. I just feel so utterly devastated that I think that comes across. I can't do that 'apologise, be clear, and then move on' thing. I mentioned one of the reasons it might have happened (working on both things at once) but don't think used it as an excuse. I don't know how I missed it. Plain as day. I'm 46 for Christ's sake. This shouldn't happen.

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winterinmadeira Thu 06-Aug-20 17:20:48

I’d just send a whole hearted apology and leave it at that. Mistakes happen and As others say you are only human. My boss made a super embarrassing cock up the other day with a very senior official but as a bloke just apologised and moved on. Although he was squirming when he told a couple of us about it.

And remember as the saying ‘let him without sin cast the first stone’ - I am sure this person has made mistakes too in their past.

LemonTT Thu 06-Aug-20 17:21:34

From someone very senior you should know you are talking to the wrong people. This is a conversation to have with peers and even more senior people in the know. They can tell you how to handle it.

winterinmadeira Thu 06-Aug-20 17:21:56

Sorry cross posted!

billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 17:22:25

Thank you everyone - sweetbird - amazed you made sense of my explanation! That's it in a nutshell yes, mutually supportive but this one campaign can be a sticking point. Yes I think she may be overreacting a bit, but nonetheless I have just set relations back several miles and a half.

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billandbeninsanfrancisco Thu 06-Aug-20 17:23:22

And the work I have done for Org B has been brilliant, but this was me wearing two hats and posting for Org A if that's not obvious.

sorry - this is clear as mud.

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Meganplays Thu 06-Aug-20 17:23:23

So Org B is cross because Org A said something supportive about them, but on the wrong coloured background?

Org B seems to be missing the point.

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