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Fruit salad recipes pls

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TerenceToo Thu 06-Aug-20 10:17:25

I know that this is a stupid question but what do you put in a fruit salad? I don't want to spend loads on fruit and must last a couple of days in the fridge. So any fool proof recipes will be greatly received.

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2155User Thu 06-Aug-20 10:30:37

I find berries/mango/orange/pineapple lasts the longest

Apples/bananas/pears just go a funny colour

Or if you cover everything in orange juice it'll stay fresh

OhioOhioOhio Thu 06-Aug-20 10:35:05

If its just for your own family and not a special meal I'd buy large and cheap tins from lidl or aldi.

Witchend Thu 06-Aug-20 10:37:07

We do a lemon sauce. Boil up a small amount of sugar and water until the sugar has dissolved and gone slightly thick toffee like. Then add loads of squeezed lemons. It's delicious and the fruit lasts longer.

TerenceToo Thu 06-Aug-20 10:48:29

It's only for me and baby DS. I need to lose weight (and increase fruit and veg consumption) before I return to work.

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2155User Thu 06-Aug-20 11:27:21

Regarding weight loss, fruit isn't the best tho for that due to it being high carb

tectonicplates Thu 06-Aug-20 11:30:58


Regarding weight loss, fruit isn't the best tho for that due to it being high carb

Oh for goodness' sake. Eating fruit is far better for you than eating burgers and chips. This place reality is ridiculous sometimes.

2155User Thu 06-Aug-20 11:32:55


Not one mentioned burger and chips.
But fruit is high carb.

I was trying to lose weight post DS by just eating lost of fruit and veg and it wasn't happening. As soon as I cut out fruit the weight dropped off.

Unfortunately, people need to stop viewing food as this healthy/0 calorie thing because it isn't.

It is better for you than fast food/lots of alternatives, but it still isn't the best in big portions when you want to lose weight

TerenceToo Thu 06-Aug-20 12:13:44

I figured a bowl of fruit and yogurt for breakfast would be better than the crumpets with butter and then biscuits. I'll see how I get on.

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TeenPlusTwenties Thu 06-Aug-20 12:52:05

Tin of peach slices
2 apples, peeled or not, your choice, sliced.
1 banana sliced
1 kiwi peeled and sliced
A few grapes halved.

If the juice from the tin doesn't cover all the fruit, throw in some apple/orange juice.

Sofasogood1 Thu 06-Aug-20 13:13:30

Fruit and yogurt is of course healthier than two crumpets with butter and biscuits but it might not fill you up like a single crumpet with peanut butter! Or two bits of bacon and grilled tomatoes. Or scrambled eggs and a slice of toast.
Might not be dissimilar calories depending on serving size.

If you get yogurt at least don't eat low fat crap like a Muller light.

Protein and fat will fill you up.

Good luck!

TerenceToo Thu 06-Aug-20 13:33:31

@Sofasogood1 thank you grin the yogurt is just normal greek style. Mornings always seem to be difficult so I want something quick and easy. Lunch will be more what you describe with peanut butter saved for after dinner to curb that sweet craving!

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2155User Thu 06-Aug-20 13:34:55

Overnight oats are a great choice if you want quick yet filling

wowfudge Thu 06-Aug-20 13:38:47

Greek yoghurt is a good source of protein and fat. I add protein powder to mine with fruit and I don't feel hungry till about now!

Sofasogood1 Thu 06-Aug-20 13:43:53

Greek yogurt is great. I'm going to contradict myself re going for low fat options and suggest FAGE Total fat free Greek yogurt. So low in calories but packed full of protein and thick and filling. A spoonful of Mornflake Oatbran is good to chuck in too.

karmakameleon Thu 06-Aug-20 13:49:54

I love how you ask for a simple fruit salad recipe and in response you get a posters telling you to have something different for breakfast!

At this time of year I’d be using nectarines and lots of lovely berries, given how plentiful and tasty they are. If you have some, chopped mint is a nice addition. But I think it’s best just to cut the fruit as you need it unless you want to douse them in a sugar syrup as suggested by a pp. Personally I’m not a big fan but just prefer a squeeze of citrus.

In autumn I’d move on to apples, pears, plums, grapes and maybe some dried fruit too.

Tropical fruit salads are always lovely in winter when the local fruit is sparse.

Sofasogood1 Thu 06-Aug-20 13:51:30

I'd also recommend bags of frozen fruit op. Really easy, just whack some in a bowl the night before. Cheaper than fresh too. I often have berry mixes but you can get all sorts. Never goes brown!

TerenceToo Thu 06-Aug-20 13:57:49

@wowfudge what do you use? I have Purition powder which I could add. Didn't think of that. Might be worth a try.

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TerenceToo Thu 06-Aug-20 13:59:20

@Sofasogood1 that's another good point. I have frozen fruit which needs using up. I have oats too (gluten free) but don't know how to make over night oats.

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2155User Thu 06-Aug-20 14:12:33


Overnight oats are brilliant and so simple.

Pour oats into bowl. Cover with yoghurt. Add fruit/nuts. Stir and leave in a cover bowl/box etc overnight.

In the morning you'll have soft oats/yoghurt/fruit

2155User Thu 06-Aug-20 14:13:15

Obviously leave in the fridge overnight

MsSweary Thu 06-Aug-20 15:06:14


50g whole rolled oats
pinch cinammon
100ml semi skimmed milk
Put in a jar overnight in fridge.

add smidgen more milk in the morning to loosen up
1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter
2tablespoons greek whole yoghurt.
some raspberries or other fruit on top .

Overnight oats. Tis lovely.

SisyphusAndTheRockOfUntidiness Thu 06-Aug-20 15:12:08

OMG, fruit has carbs! Who knew? ffs

OP - I just do a plastic tub with a couple of tins of fruit in juice (never syrup), at least 1 to be orange or mandarins, & add some fresh chopped kiwi, mango, grapes etc. I have it with plain greek yoghurt. Maybe granola too. Apples best chopped fresh.

Elouera Thu 06-Aug-20 15:25:26

I personally hate green apple in fruit salads, especially if the skin has been left on. Yes, there is fibre in the skin, but it I dont like it in there. As someone else said, banana and apples both go brown by day 2, so i only use them in a fruit salad if its eaten on day 1.

I love tropical fruit in them though or berries. Mango, pineapple, kiwi and a passionfruit mixed in. Yum grin

newtb Thu 06-Aug-20 15:25:51

When you make the syrup add a couple of strips of lemon peel. Gives a lovely lemony taste but not too strong.

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