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It's a "what shall I have for supper" thread

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MinnieMountain Thu 06-Aug-20 08:14:02

DH is out tomorrow night, so I'll give DS what he wants and take the chance to have a treat supper.But I can't decide what.

Normally I'd make a stir fry if it wasn't due to be so hot. I need something that's minimal effort. I can go to Tesco Metro or Asda. M&S was very uninspiring yesterday.

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Illuyanka Thu 06-Aug-20 08:23:10

Ask your ds if you are going to give him what he wants?

Bellag79 Thu 06-Aug-20 08:26:29

I would go for a selection of anti-pasti and some chilled white wine. Enjoy your evening!

MinnieMountain Thu 06-Aug-20 10:03:49

Sorry I wasn't clear. It's my supper. DS will have plain pasta and salad veg (his favourite).

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AdaColeman Thu 06-Aug-20 10:24:12

Salade Niçoise is tasty & filling, you just have to hard boil an egg and cook some new potatoes.
Or even easier ~
Chicken Caesar salad with ready cooked chicken.

Poached salmon mayonnaise with ready cooked salmon fillets.

Open sandwich of smoked salmon, avocado and prawn cocktail.

wine wine wine

Illuyanka Thu 06-Aug-20 10:34:13

My easy meal for myself is cous cous salad. Lots of fresh veg, maybe a chicken or salmon simply poached. Lots of nuts, seeds and cheese on top with Sesami dressing.( sesami oil/olive oil/soy souce/sugar/lemon juice/salt/pepper)

MinnieMountain Thu 06-Aug-20 12:41:41

I love the easy salad ideas.

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