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Sell me something!

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tldr Wed 05-Aug-20 23:49:45

Ooh nail polish! Nice idea.

I’m too fat for clothes to be fun. (See above post about sofa. It and me are one at the mo.)

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FelicityBeedle Wed 05-Aug-20 23:48:36

Gel nail polish set and lamp! Always cheers me up

monkeyonthetable Wed 05-Aug-20 23:47:04

Nail polish in colours you've always wanted but never had the guts to wear.
A good detective or feelgood beach-read novel.
Some really nice shorts or a sundress or Hepburn shades - there's a heatwave coming again this weekend.

tldr Wed 05-Aug-20 23:44:25


I *do not need an Oodie. I’m already struggling to make myself leave sofa/house. 😀

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tldr Wed 05-Aug-20 23:43:10

Oh I like crawler earrings.

I’m at the point of Covid-staying-at-homeness where I can’t even think what to browse. 😂

Will have to google Oodie.

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Bargebill19 Wed 05-Aug-20 23:40:52


I humbly confess from Amazon. I bought some ear climber and ear crawler earrings plus a set of silver hoops.

BlueBirdGreenFence Wed 05-Aug-20 23:36:07

You need an Oodie.

tldr Wed 05-Aug-20 23:35:34

Excellent effort barge. Where from?

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Bargebill19 Wed 05-Aug-20 23:33:29

Me too. I bought earrings. Worked for me.

tldr Wed 05-Aug-20 23:27:09

I’ve had a really shitty day.

I want to cheer myself up with something frivolous.

What should I buy?

(Yes, I know there are better ways of dealing with shit days.)

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