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What the heck has bitten me?!

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Fudgewhizz Wed 05-Aug-20 22:34:15

Not going to post photo as it's too manky confused Something has bitten me on the knee and it's come up in a huge yellow blister. It's really itchy and painful 😭 I've had a few of these (actually about 15-20, and til tonight thought I'd had the last of them) over the past week but never managed to catch what's bitten me - and it keeps happening while I'm in bed! Usually I spot (and squish) mozzies. This evil critter must be stealthy and silent!

Dog isn't scratching at all and had her jabs yesterday so surely the vet would have noticed if it were fleas? What horrible piece of evil insectness has decided to subject me to this?!

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CaptainMyCaptain Wed 05-Aug-20 22:38:35

Flying ant?

CaptainMyCaptain Wed 05-Aug-20 22:39:03

Their bites come up in blisters.

TW2013 Wed 05-Aug-20 22:40:17

Bed bugs?

kerfuffling Wed 05-Aug-20 22:41:21

If it's happening when you're in bed, then I hate to say it but... bedbugs?

AriettyHomily Wed 05-Aug-20 22:42:26

Horse fly

fairydustandpixies Wed 05-Aug-20 22:42:44

One of those horrible false widow spiders??

Mumteedum Wed 05-Aug-20 22:42:47

Come on! We need to see the grossness to help surely? grin

QuestionableMouse Wed 05-Aug-20 22:44:09

You'd know if it was a horse fly because those bastards hurt.


Think you need to post the pic.

Also draw around the blister/any redness and if it keeps getting bigger, seek medical help.

Seeingadistance Wed 05-Aug-20 22:49:52

Sounds like a cleg bite, but they’re about durIng the day.

Mumteedum Wed 05-Aug-20 22:52:02

What's a cleg?

ScammedOrWhat Wed 05-Aug-20 22:56:24

It sounds like hives, especially as it's happening in bed where you're less likely to be bitten. Or heat lumps

MrsApplepants Wed 05-Aug-20 22:57:55

What’s a cleg?

tiredanddangerous Wed 05-Aug-20 22:58:44

Horse fly

Yester Wed 05-Aug-20 22:58:44

It's a bit like a parking thread without a diagram. Photo needed!

Seeingadistance Wed 05-Aug-20 23:00:05

Sorry, I think a cleg is a horsefly. A bit ugly greeny grey fly.

I’m Scottish. We call them clegs. The bite can cause massive blisters.

Pinkbunny2811 Wed 05-Aug-20 23:01:07

I've had that just from infected mozzies! But I'm currently bitten all over as well, although mine are not yellow blisters this time.

Cloudtraffic Wed 05-Aug-20 23:01:52

Horse fly - they are the worst!

Mumteedum Wed 05-Aug-20 23:02:09

That's a great word. Cleg! Yes, sounds like horseflies although they're black. I was once bitten by one and it was mistaken by horrified people at hospital waiting room for a gunshot wound!

PerfidiousAlbion Wed 05-Aug-20 23:03:19

Horse fly. Stealthy buggers that lacerate your skin with their jaws. Mine have been the size of fried eggs!

Fudgewhizz Wed 05-Aug-20 23:04:21

I think you usually feel horsefly bite, don't you?

Okay here's the photo. White stuff is antiseptic and the dark one next to the blister is the one from the other day that's healed! Second photo shows the ones from the other day (which later blistered)

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Mumteedum Wed 05-Aug-20 23:04:45

But you wouldn't get several horsefly bites.

I would be doing some awful googling if I was you op!

Last year I was bitten and had never had anything like it. They were chiggers. These mite things. Itched like buggery. I was just relieved it wasn't bed bugs.

Keep an eye though and ring doctor or go to chemist if gets worse.

Mumteedum Wed 05-Aug-20 23:05:35


gamerchick Wed 05-Aug-20 23:10:35

Wtf! Take an antihistamine man.

You need to go over your bedroom with a fine tooth comb tomorrow. Check everywhere because that's quite a mega allergic reaction to whatever it is.

Leg is one thing, what about your face or neck?

wowfudge Wed 05-Aug-20 23:13:45

Are sure they're bites or could you have brushed against a plant and had a reaction to that? Blisters and burns can be caused by giant hogweed for example.

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