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Neglected Guinea Pigs

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Orangesandlemons82 Wed 05-Aug-20 19:45:44

I am currently looking after 2 guinea pigs for a friend. The conditions they are kept in are awful. The cage was really dirty and so small that they can barely turn around. It's really upsetting to see. She is a great friend though, and I really don't know what to say or do. I have guinea pigs already and seeing these two like this is really horrible. Any advice or thoughts as to what to say or do?

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Hovverry Wed 05-Aug-20 20:19:58

You have to tell her, not let these helpless little pets suffer a miserable life because you’re a wuss.
Show her yours and talk about their needs and how they love their big space, clean bedding etc.

twinguineas Wed 05-Aug-20 20:23:14

This. Can she afford a bigger cage for them? If she genuinely can't would you be able to help her find a second hand one/one on Freecycle?
Whereabouts in the country are you? Maybe somebody on here has a cage available that is more suitable.

Also, if you ask MN to move this to 'Small Pets' you'll probably get more replies.

Random789 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:24:51

You must tell her. There s so much suffering in the world that we can't change. Here is one small but important thing that you can change.

I'm trying to think of friendship-preserving ways of doing it. Could you phrase it as an offer of help? "I can see that you are finding it hard to give these animals what they need. Would you like any help getting a new cage and sorting things out properly? Or would you like me to take them to an animal rescue?"

You o have to take the risk o f offending her though.

PurpleDaisies Wed 05-Aug-20 20:25:30

Why do you think they’re kept in such bad conditions? Is it ignorance or a lack of time?

PingPongPam Wed 05-Aug-20 20:25:50

Poor things. Definitely say something.

letsmaketea Wed 05-Aug-20 20:30:03

Get them a new, clean, big cage and move them in. Apologise to friend, tell her you broke the old cage, and that you've replaced it.
Can you tell her you've grown attached to them and see if she'll sell them to you?

Orangesandlemons82 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:31:13

I don't really know what is the cause of the neglect, I think possibly its a lack of interest combined with the thought that 'they are only animals' and don't want to spend out on them, although they could afford to. We are shortly upgrading our hutch (have one on order) so I could get her to accept our old one. If she didn't visit our house regularly I would be tempted to say I left the hutch door open and they ran away and then bring them here.

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Bagelsandbrie Wed 05-Aug-20 20:33:55

This makes me so sad. We have 4 and they are part of our family - we have them in a huge c and c cage in our kitchen diner.

You must say something. Offer to take them - if she’s neglecting them she might even be pleased you want to take them off her. Show her pictures of larger hutches and c and c cages etc. Guinea pigs are so neglected so often, it’s awful, people put them in cages that are just so tiny. Pets at home makes the problem worse, none of the indoor cages they sell are suitable for anything more than a holding cage while you clean a larger c and c one out!

Orangesandlemons82 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:33:58

@letsmaketea Ideally I would like them to move in with us. I could perhaps buy them off of the son. I think the money may be more attractive than the guinea pigs to him.

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auntieElle Wed 05-Aug-20 20:34:16

Could you say they seem really settled with you, in your spare larger pen, and would she like to leave them with you for the moment? Giving her an easy let out to give them to you.

twinguineas Wed 05-Aug-20 20:35:02

Poor things. I would certainly move them into your hutch if you can.

Is your current hutch large enough that they could use part of it separated off if you have access to a run?

Orangesandlemons82 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:36:01

@Bagelsandbrie they really are part of the family aren't they. Ours all have really strong personalities and the thought that theirs are so unloved is really upsetting

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Orangesandlemons82 Wed 05-Aug-20 20:37:53

@auntieElle yes, I could say I brought them back home with me so they could go out in our spare run as it was such nice weather

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AlwaysLatte Wed 05-Aug-20 20:40:56

What I would do is tell her the hutch fell apart, and that I'd put them in with yours until she can replace the hutch - judging by her last form she won't bother.

auntieElle Wed 05-Aug-20 20:47:55

Thank goodness they have you looking out for them. It’s lovely of you, but so sad.

planningaheadtoday Wed 05-Aug-20 20:48:43

I would say that You thought it best to bring them home as it's much easier to look after guinea pigs together.

And they have been so happy to have company (guinea pigs love crowds) and yours have been so much happier since they came to stay. And would she mind very much if you kept them at yours?

twinguineas Wed 05-Aug-20 20:51:11

I think bringing them to yours is the best idea as long as you can separate them if they don't get on. Are they male or female? (hers and yours)

Orangesandlemons82 Wed 05-Aug-20 21:04:02

Hers our males, ours are females so wouldn't be able to go together, although the males could be neutered in the long term. Thank you everyone, it's helped me get it straight in my mind. I am going to bring them back here tomorrow and say it's so they can go in the run during the day as weather is nice. Another animal loving friend has a large hutch I can use until our new one arrives at the weekend.

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Beeorwasp Wed 05-Aug-20 21:07:13

Definitely take them home and just say it was easier to look after them at yours (obvs keep them separate to yours if needed)/their cage broke. Then, suggest u may as well keep them since they all get along so well.
Please please rescue them. You sound lovely.

Zebrahooves Wed 05-Aug-20 21:08:00

We ended up rescuing a guinea pig from my cousin as they no longer wanted it and were going to let it go into the night.
Evil people.
He lived a good few years with the rest of our guineas - separate cages for all, but within squeaking distance of each other.

twinguineas Wed 05-Aug-20 21:08:06


Hers our males, ours are females so wouldn't be able to go together, although the males could be neutered in the long term. Thank you everyone, it's helped me get it straight in my mind. I am going to bring them back here tomorrow and say it's so they can go in the run during the day as weather is nice. Another animal loving friend has a large hutch I can use until our new one arrives at the weekend.

Excellent news. We do need to see pictures of course - of yours anyway.

namechanger247334 Wed 05-Aug-20 21:09:30

Glad they have you looking out for them, I love guinea pigs and they are such big parts of the family <3

Whengodwasarabbit Wed 05-Aug-20 21:43:29

You sound so lovely thankyou for helping these animals. They are helpless daft little creatures and they really shine given the chance.
We have 3 boy guinea pigs. They live in a large chicken coop which has 2 large runs attached and tunnels and small tables with ramps. I’ve made a shallow little water hole which they love to drink from. It has large rocks in the run and plenty of hiding places. They get along really well and are always making us laugh being cute and cheeky. They are great at getting rid of veg peelings. We really love them.
I cannot stand people who get rabbits and guinea pigs and then confine them in tiny filthy cages. They live for years miserable and unwanted. Why do they insist on keeping them?
It’s a good idea to get them settled. Let her see the right way to do it. I think she’ll be glad to get them off her hands, but people are strange, and she might not part with them easily. Do what you need to do but don’t let her take them back to their miserable existence. Our house is full of animals who have come to us from else where, usually a pet someone has become bored with. They live a life of luxury and love here. Good luck with yours. Be lovely to see some pics too 😀

elephantfeels Wed 05-Aug-20 21:51:18

Are you sure that's their normal cage/hutch? Was a smaller one easier to transport to you to look after/she thought it would be easier for you to keep on top of?

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