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Our holiday to Wales with friends has fallen through

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babyguffingtonstrikesagain Tue 04-Aug-20 23:29:14

...and instead we're spending a week 'on holiday' at my in-laws'.

Please tell me it will be okay.

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Olinguito Wed 05-Aug-20 00:31:58

Oh dear. Good luck smile

Mydogisthebestest Wed 05-Aug-20 00:32:24

Buy gin.

JingsMahBucket Wed 05-Aug-20 00:33:41

How or why did this happen??

babyguffingtonstrikesagain Wed 05-Aug-20 09:44:28

Well, we have decided to spend our holiday money this year kitting ourselves out with a tent and all the camping gear so that in future we are set up for it. Planning on getting it all in the sales in the autumn.

Fortunately my in-laws live in a nice big house in a popular holiday place so we are going there for a week instead of our holiday this year. It is a lovely place but I think my DH will find it especially difficult. We spent last night trying to think of ways to make it feel holiday-ish but it's going to be hard. His dad is fine but his mum can be quite intense.

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Rainbowshine Wed 05-Aug-20 09:51:25

Find lots of walks/bike rides etc to get away from them during the day. Focus on doing stuff rather than spending time sitting with them. Have a repertoire of bland phrases to use to cope with conversations. Have a code word for you and DH to tell the other “let’s get out of here I’ve had enough”!

mummmy2017 Wed 05-Aug-20 10:02:17

Pack supply's in the car.
Water , extra snacks ect, so you can sneak out and grab if hungry.
Practice the word No.
Do day trips.

babyguffingtonstrikesagain Wed 05-Aug-20 13:38:57

Good idea about the code word!

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Anticyclone Wed 05-Aug-20 13:46:15

We just spent 6 days with my parents and are now on day 3 of a week with the in laws. It's been wonderful! Lots of extra help with the young children, slow and relaxing pace of life. All meals cooked for us. Walks to local park etc. It'll be great.

Rainbowshine Wed 05-Aug-20 14:44:28

Honestly @babyguffingtonstrikesagain our code phrase one visit was “Barbara found the washing machine she wanted in Curries”! We needed something obvious that couldn’t be mistaken.

babyguffingtonstrikesagain Wed 05-Aug-20 15:05:08

@Rainbowshine 😂

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mornington27 Wed 05-Aug-20 17:16:32

You must have your daily exercise which can only be taken by walks which are too long for the older people in the house.

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