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Why do babies prefer to sleep in our bed?

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mcgonagalscat Tue 04-Aug-20 21:17:35

Just wondering, really.
4 month old is supposed to be in the next to me crib, so close to me, but settles so much quicker if I put him in bed next to me and then lift him into crib when he's asleep. DS1 was the same, wouldn't sleep in the crib but would always sleep soundly in my bed.

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Oly4 Tue 04-Aug-20 21:19:15

They like to be close, the smell of you on the sheets, there idea that you’re near.
Sweet really!

fairydustandpixies Tue 04-Aug-20 22:00:31

I could ask the same question about my 13yr old dog who is currently snoring away on top of my duvet 🤔

Trashtara Tue 04-Aug-20 22:03:17

They're biologically programmed to want to be near a caregiver. So being able to smell you is really important for them your bed probably smells more like you than anything else.

DinosApple Tue 04-Aug-20 22:08:18

I think it's the smell, the closeness and touch, and the warmth.

My first loved it, and she still comes into my bed, aged 11, if she has a bad dream or is anxious about something. She sleeps better and I sleep better. Snoring DH ends up on his own in her room grin.

DD2 has always preferred her own bed though. She was happier in the Moses basket next to me, than snuggled in my bed.

It almost makes me wistful thinking about it.

Hardbackwriter Tue 04-Aug-20 22:10:40

I'm sure it is the smell, closeness etc - but also: put your hand on the next to me mattress and then on your mattress; which would you rather sleep on? In order to meet safe sleeping guidelines baby mattresses are always much harder than most adults would choose for their own bed.

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