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Why dont pubs do table service here like they do in the States?

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EachandEveryone Mon 03-Aug-20 23:00:35

I dont know if its all bars in the States but many of the ones Ive visited have been table service for about 80% of the customers with afew people sat on barstools. Why has it never taken off over here?

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dementedpixie Mon 03-Aug-20 23:02:00

I thought they did just now

EachandEveryone Mon 03-Aug-20 23:04:03

Not the couple I walk passed from work. Its always been an eating thing mainly. Over there though its food and drinks. I think it has been like that for years.

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wafflyversatile Mon 03-Aug-20 23:07:49

Tips. It's more of a service economy. They'll make more tips that way and be paid even less. Would be my guess.

PercyKirke Tue 04-Aug-20 00:05:35

Back in the day, (1950s) I'm told pubs in the NE did. Order at the bar and have it brought over.

stellabelle Tue 04-Aug-20 05:44:30

I'm in Australia - the pubs I go to have table service. I like the system - normally we all decide what we want to eat, then one person goes to the bar and orders. Wait staff then bring your order over. Less crowding at the bar and a nice comfortable dining experience.

Staplemaple Tue 04-Aug-20 05:55:58

normally we all decide what we want to eat, then one person goes to the bar and orders. Wait staff then bring your order over. Less crowding at the bar and a nice comfortable dining experience.

That's what happens in most pubs, you don't have to go to the kitchen to get your food, it's brought over to you! I'm wondering if the OP means you sit at your table and they come around to take an order? In which case it's probably as we can manage a few steps to the bar, and they make more tips from providing more of a service.

Honorocarrollkelly Tue 04-Aug-20 06:34:59

I’m front RoI and table service is very common here. It’s great. You don’t have to queue at the bar, some one tidies the empties away, plus it is a great source of income for young folks. I worked in bars as a longe girl for years.
I now live in NI and hardly anywhere has it here, drives me mad!

Bluntness100 Tue 04-Aug-20 06:44:12

I’m in the south east, in my little village all three pubs do table service.

Pizzapromotion Tue 04-Aug-20 07:14:37

Even Weatherspoons has had the option, via an app, for ages now.

katmarie Tue 04-Aug-20 07:31:51

Lived in California for a few years and all the bars did table service, it was great, you sit at your table, order your drinks from the waitress and they're brought to your table. So easy.

CloudsCanLookLikeSheep Tue 04-Aug-20 07:34:33

I dont know but it was fucking embarrassing when my American cousin kept calling the bartender over in a bar!

HooseDilemma Tue 04-Aug-20 07:35:57

One of the best things about small town / village pubs is the people you get chatting to while waiting at the bar!

Granted city bars are rubbish where everyone is cramming in, but a dislike of lots of people is why I don't live in a city!

billysboy Tue 04-Aug-20 07:44:19

one of the reasons I am not rushing back to the pub as I cannot sit at the bar
I hate sitting at a table and waiting for someone to bring drinks over when they are ready , fine if I am in a big group or family meal but not just for a drink
A few of friends around the bar on a friday night with a bit of banter helped along by bar staff or going in on your own for a quiet drink and sitting at the end of the bar observing life
Another reason is that if you are standing up you will drink more hence the foot rail along the floor in bars as this makes you stand straighter and drink more
not been in a pub since March

homemadecommunistrussia Tue 04-Aug-20 07:44:45

I like ordering and paying at the bar. It keeps it more casual, cuts down on chit chat and means no waiting around for the flipping bill.
When I go out I want to spend time with my family or friends not hang out with waiters/waitresses. I do not want to discuss the specials or be called a guy.

AriettyHomily Tue 04-Aug-20 07:48:29

French bars / cafes are mostly table service for food and / or just drinks. You get a bill with every round so no hanging around for a bill.

SavoyCabbage Tue 04-Aug-20 07:49:44

I like ordering at the bar better too.

@stellabelle that’s not table service. Table service is where you order at the table.

Pizzapromotion Tue 04-Aug-20 07:59:26

I love to see a really good barman (or woman) ply their trade.

I was in an historic pub in London, one that features on a published pub crawl. A stag group came in, placed a fairly straight forward beer order and the bartender easily persuaded them to spend at least double with her gentle/helpful "suggestions". They had no idea what was happening, all they knew was that they'd had lovely service. FWIW she was quite a plain looking middle aged woman, she hadn't even used her "charms" grin

Pinkywoo Tue 04-Aug-20 08:09:24

I work in a tiny pub, and the main reason smaller places don't have table service is you need more staff. I can run the bar on my own even when it's really busy (food orders are sent by the till straight to the kitchen who take the meals out) but there's no way I could pour all the drinks while also going to tables to take orders, and more staff cost more money!

AnnaSW1 Tue 04-Aug-20 08:44:53

All the ones local to me do now. In fact it's the only option.

EachandEveryone Tue 04-Aug-20 10:11:42

I know its being used now mainly but Im talking about abroad in general. Ive been to the tiniest dive bars in New York and still there was no hanging around the bar appart from the regulars that sat round it. Like Cheers😃

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