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Christmas presents for 11 and 9 year old boys

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RebeccaR82 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:30:51

I know it’s early but usually by now I’ve pretty much sorted my Christmas shopping, but this year I just don’t have a clue what to get either of them! They’re both quite grown up for their ages, they both like gaming and normally have a main present between them - PS4 last year and Xbox the year before. They have the games they need and there’s lots they have that they don’t use. They’ve recently sold loads of games they don’t use anymore as they pretty much just play Fortnite. They have a second hand Switch each but rarely play them and don’t need more games for those either. They will both have some v-bucks but that’s as much as I can think of! They’ll have some clothes but they won’t see that as an exciting present. Often we buy a family trip to the theatre but the current Covid issues put me off that idea. We had Harry Potter studio tours trip cancelled as well as Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. So much is cancelled that it’s tricky thinking of experiences. We’re down in Cornwall too so not close to any large cities where most experiences are. It’s such a first world problem but I think they really have everything they want/need! We have a massive extended family (my husband and I are both from divorced parents who remarried so four sets of grandparents and loads of aunts and uncles hi all like to spoil them!) They had a tv for their bedroom each with birthday money this year, they have an echo dot each (they use those loads). They have a phone each (secondhand again). They read lots but have loads of books. The only thing they want is a puppy but my husband has vetoed that! My eldest is no longer a believer but my youngest still is and I expect it will be the last year for him so I really want it to be special. Help!

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RebeccaR82 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:32:52

Also should say they’re not very sporty!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 03-Aug-20 16:34:37

would they be interested in surfing at all, since you say you are in cornwall? Maybe surfing lessons?

TokyoSushi Mon 03-Aug-20 16:35:14

Following with interest, they sound like my DS, the boys who have everything! He does like football though!

Br1ll1ant Mon 03-Aug-20 16:41:20

I was thinking of gamer chairs for my two

RebeccaR82 Mon 03-Aug-20 17:05:07

@sleepismysuperpower1 they do like surfing and have foamie boards (but aren’t very good at it!) They’ve previously been to surf life saving club but aren’t attending now due to Covid. Lots of their friends surf but with their dads and my husband isn’t into it at all. They were going to have group lessons but again Covid got in the way as the club said they couldn’t socially distance if there was a problem. It’s a great idea and things may change by Christmas but they’re also fair weather beach goers and I don’t think you can easily get lessons in December/January. They also have inflatable stand up paddle boards which they bought with birthday money last year (quite reasonably priced on Amazon compared to other prices) and they absolutely love them - would totally recommend to anyone near water. Their wetsuits were secondhand but like new and have lots of life in them yet. Ideally I’d like something they can have and use straight away - I miss the days when Lego has a wow factor! 9 and 11 seems so young for them to have grown out of it but they’re not interested anymore.
@Br1ll1ant I don’t think gaming chairs will fit in their rooms but another great idea.
@TokyoSushi so difficult but makes me feel guilty to list what they have too!

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SummerLightning Mon 03-Aug-20 17:18:43

Following sounds like my kids also 9 and 11. They do like biking though in addition but are not into team sports. My daughter has asked for a drone but no idea if that will be successful. We also have a chemistry project subscription they quite like not sure if you can get it in the uk - it's called mel chemistry. It's not too young for their ages like lots of these things.
I assume they have decent gaming headphones? Is there anything they want for their rooms? Eg expensive light, monitor, desk etc

ElBandito Mon 03-Aug-20 17:19:17

Multi-colour LED lights for their rooms . You can get some that work via USB and stick to the back of their TV screen or monitor that look good with remote so they can play with the colour settings. Or others that you can plug into a normal socket
Which platform do they play games on? You get get tech packs and things that you add to controllers that are supposed to make you play better.
And I hate to break it too you, but the PS5 is out before Christmas grin

WellTidy Mon 03-Aug-20 17:23:04

Ds is 12yo.

Last year he had some Harry Potter Lego from us and from family members - the great hall, hogwarts express, night bus and Aragog’s lair.

For his. Irrhday, he had money and bought a massive forza goal for the garden and a forza size 4 ball and some goalkeeping gloves.

For Christmas the year before he had a switch.

The year before that he had a bike.

This year, he has taken a fancy to the 16+ treehouse in the Lego shop and the Lego Eurostar train. Whether he will still fancy those at Christmas is another thing.

BertieBob Mon 03-Aug-20 17:26:58

My 9 yo DS has already asked for the new Mario Lego sets for Christmas.

LadyCatStark Mon 03-Aug-20 17:27:29

Do they have decent bikes? Skateboards/ pennyboards? Scooters?

It sounds like they have a lot of gaming stuff so I’d get something to get them out more. Ooh how about hoverboards?

BluebellsGreenbells Mon 03-Aug-20 17:27:48

If you really want something I’d suggest to get on and order it! Things will be scarce come christmas.

How about some board games?
Monopoly empire

Or build some electronics type things
DS loved the Hot Wires electricity set. - they played for hours with that!

I dislike joint presents, maybe it’s time to have smaller individual gifts? Things they own but can share.

reefedsail Mon 03-Aug-20 17:28:30

My DS is 10 in a few weeks. He's asked for steel series gaming headphones, a steel series mouse with graphics on it and a gaming chair.

I know he'll be wanting a PS5 for Christmas if they are out in time.

PhantomErik Mon 03-Aug-20 17:38:41

I have boys of a similar age.

Some bits I'm getting or that they had last year :

Teddy bear fleece duvet covers
Minecraft pens & felt pens
Lego set (brickheadz, harry potter, theme park)
Dressing gowns
Chopsticks & instant noodles
Drum set
Personalised drum sticks
Personalised guitar picks
Music folder
Swim towel/football kit
Treasure X or similar
Snake puzzle
Nerf gun/darts/targets/dress up
Chess set
Percy Jackson & Harry Potter t-shirts
Audio book cds
Fairy lights

RebeccaR82 Mon 03-Aug-20 17:40:48

@ElBandito the lights sound interesting - I’ll have a look - thanks. No more computer consoles though!
@SummerLightning they’ve had a cheapish drone before from my mum, they quite like it but it spends quite a lot of time in the cupboard as it needs to be the right conditions for it to fly easily and it loses charge quite quickly. They’ve had science sets before (albeit not chemistry) and they’ve had some novelty value but not held their interest for very long. They’re both academic and like science at school but don’t tend to do much of it at home. They have bikes, I’m about to try to work out how to get the £50 repair vouchers the government is giving out to make sure they’re up to scratch. We don’t cycle that much to be honest, they’re a bit young and we live out in the sticks too much for them to be able to ride on their own around here (narrow country lanes with crazy bus drivers!) We cycle from time to time but spend more time on the beach, although not so much at the moment as the beaches are absolutely rammed with holiday makers and social distancing is impossible.

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TheyThoughtItWasAllOver Mon 03-Aug-20 17:50:24

Virtual reality headsets?

BluebellsGreenbells Mon 03-Aug-20 18:01:25


Do your kids still play with all that?

mumonthehill Mon 03-Aug-20 18:09:00

The lights have been on amazon deals for a few weeks, ds 13 bought some and they light up to music etc. You could also get a light up mouse for gaming, gaming microphone, chair.

PhantomErik Mon 03-Aug-20 18:16:18

Bluebells yes mostly.

DS10 plays the drums, loves his nerf guns, reads a lot & subsequently loves Harry Potter lego/stuff & has read everything by Rick Riordan so loves the Percy Jackson t-shirts, he also likes mythical stuff & had a Treasure X type mythical kit. Plays chess with the actual set & on his tablet. Loves fidget toys like spinners & snake puzzles.

DS8 plays with Lego (Deadly 60, HP) Geomag, Gojitzu, nerf guns, minecraft & is learning guitar. He also like fimo, art stuff & super hero / jurassic park mashers!

The both love posters for their bedrooms & teddy bear fleece bedding. Fairy lights are pinned to their bookcases.

VenusClapTrap Mon 03-Aug-20 19:20:32

Mine are a similar age and for Christmas last year they got a board game called Mansions of Madness. Huge hit.

It’s a bit like dungeons and dragons, and you build the board with different rooms as you go along, creating a beautifully detailed spooky mansion. Players make decisions on where to explore and who to talk to, etc, and an app on your phone/tablet tells you what happens next and which monsters appear where and so on as you go along, trying to solve the mystery.

hippohector Mon 03-Aug-20 19:24:26

Apple AirPods.
My gamer DS absolutely loves his - he connects to the PlayStation and can talk hands free to his friends online. He also connects them to his phone and listens to music etc.

reefedsail Mon 03-Aug-20 19:37:53

Oh yes, airpods are popular here too. Still wants gaming headphones though. confused

Juiceey Mon 03-Aug-20 19:55:26

Following for ideas as my DS sounds identical to yours- if it's not gaming he's not interested, but has all the thing he could possibly need!

RebeccaR82 Tue 04-Aug-20 13:43:29

Thanks so much everyone, I have a few bits to look at now. Still not sure on a main present though. They would love the Oculus Quest VR headset but at £400 they can keep hoping! Their friend brought one over and whilst it was very impressive, I think it may be another novelty value thing. They have no coordination between the pair of them so skate boards and scooters etc have never been a hit! Maybe I’ll keep working in my husband for a puppy!

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Ishihtzuknot Tue 04-Aug-20 14:53:38

I’m having the same issue as you with similar aged children, except mine are very girly girls yet outgrown toys.
Some ideas I’ve come up with so far metal detector, telescope, microscope, pinball/coin arcade machine, jigsaws, books, portable DVD player, laser guns, rollerblades/heelies.
do they have a trampoline or any outdoor equipment?

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