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Jimmyjam123 Mon 03-Aug-20 05:26:05

Right guys and Girls,help me here please if you can as i have no one else to turn to now, if you may not have already guest i am a male seeking some solid advice from whoever maybe listebing becuase i am at wits end now, but i need some female advice here ok ,, im sorry if i have broken any codes but i need help,, to cut the old long story short i have been in my relationship from teen love basically, yeah its not been the smoothest. ive messed about ,shes messed about!
but we always came back together because, well thats what we where comfortable with to be quite honest.

well now the time has come, the big one, the big question of life... i now have two young kids to this woman literally 2 under 2, i dokt love her, the second child was (yes we both tangoed) but most definitly kept under wraps until things where too lat (i wouldnt change that for the world now but during🤷🏻‍♂️ this is debatable ), she pleaded she didnt know until pregnancy was well over 6/7 months and i stuck by her i gave her my trust i wanted to believe her.

now fast forward we are still having ancient arguments about trust and loyalty and i am not happy with this girl even though i have been with her now for near 15 years, i have not been happy for the last 5, it pains me to say ive just been plodding along blind,

now after recently loosing my dad to a long illness and now currently finding out my girlfriends dad has terminal cancer i have since fallen for another!! i feel sick all the time, i just dont know what to do i dont know where to turn now knowing im going to have to leave her at some point! can anyone give me some advice hear please as this is killing me, thankyou for your time

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