Tummy tuck experiences?!

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MollieParks Sun 02-Aug-20 22:23:55

Hi there

I am planning a tummy tuck in the near future and I am hoping to hear from anyone who has had one.

My surgeon discussed with me that I could add liposuction but it is not a necessity.

Does anyone have experiences of having a tummy tuck but opting NOT to include lipo in the procedure? If so, are you happy with your results?

I am not overweight, 5ft 2in and weighing 9st 4lb.

Thanks in advance smile

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lookatmememe Sun 02-Aug-20 22:28:13

Really think long and hard about going for this as it really really really hurts and not just short term. Takes months to be able to stand upright and even longer to get to sleep in a non sitting upright stance. You will always feel the patch under your skin. In short, don't do it.

Twinkie777 Sun 02-Aug-20 22:28:59

Had one four years ago. Bigger than you but not fat.
The first few weeks are v difficult. You need help and to accept you can’t do anything much.
After a couple of months I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t done it before.

I am not physically perfect. My shape mean’t there was some bunching at the hips which my surgeon told me about before hand.
Never regretted it.

Good luck x

Endlessmizzle Sun 02-Aug-20 22:29:10

What patch?

Mydarlingsleepthief Sun 02-Aug-20 22:30:04

Following as I’m also due to have one hopefully within the next year

Elouera Sun 02-Aug-20 22:46:23

My mum had one and I should add that she is the furthest from a body consious, botox/lip job type person! She'd had a boob reduction beforehand due to massive, out of proprotion breasts. She then found that her stomach was completely out of proportion to the rest of her- which I agree was the case.

The tummy tuck/apronectomy went well. She does now have a 'hippy', pear shape which she'd never had prior to any surgery. They too advised on lipo, but she felt guilty already having 2 ops so didnt go for it. She now deeply regrets not getting the hips/bum evened out. She spent 50yrs being 1 shape and having certain clothes, and now is a hippy/ pear shape which she struggles to know how to dress.

She used dermatix silicone gel to help with the scars and its barely noticable now. It needs commitment though wiht the gel applications.

It depends where you hold your weight and if other areas will become more prominate once the tummy goes. Its a fine line between the surgeon suggesting things to pad out the costs, and also looking at previous cases and knowing that you'll wish it had been done at the time.

I'd also ask about the type of lipothey offer? I believe there is an older style where a probe was poked in and relies on the Dr more, and a newer type that melts the fat inside and sucks it out, which i 'think' is less risky.
Best of luck, but look at reviews also where you can x

Endlessmizzle Sun 02-Aug-20 22:58:07

I think there’s an instagram called tummytuck2020 where she charts her experience - had half an eye on it as I’d love a diastasis repair but just such big surgery.


MollieParks Mon 03-Aug-20 06:27:31

Thank you everyone, your comments are very much appreciated smile

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Haditall Mon 03-Aug-20 06:35:29

I'd like one,a mini one to get rid or a flap of skin that no exercise or diet has ever removed.this was caused by 3 large babies all birthed naturally.

MsLumley Mon 03-Aug-20 07:44:11

Hi OP, I am booked in to have a TT next month. Like you, no lipo. I'm a bit taller than you and a bit heavier. I carry all my excess weight in my tummy and have done all my life. Since having DC it's got worse and I've been thinking about having the TT for years now.

I feel incredibly nervous about the op itself and the recovery. But every time I catch sight of my tummy, or can't wear clothes I want to, or am exhausted after going for a run but still see this huge belly refusing to budge, it reminds me why I'm doing it. My three pieces of advice to you:

Research your surgeon and find one you feel comfortable with and trust.
Get yourself as physically fit and healthy as you can before the op.
There are two people I follow on Instagram - "tummytucknewme" and "one_girls_self_love_journey". Both have recently had TTs (one with lipo and one without) and are very open and honest about their experiences.

As PP has said, I'm hoping that once the pain has subsided and the swelling has gone down I'll ask myself why I didn't don't do this years before.

LegoMaus Mon 03-Aug-20 07:54:04

I’m currently saving for a tummy tuck. A big baby plus a c section has left me with a flap of skin on my stomach. I’m slim (9st) and this flap is ruining my life. It’s painful and prevents me exercising. It hurts all the time. I’ve already recovered from a c section so it can’t be much worse than that, and I already have a numb patch on my stomach so that can’t get much worse either.

Changingnames2002 Mon 03-Aug-20 07:54:28

MsLumley - May I ask why you've decided not to have lipo too?

Namechange21212121 Mon 03-Aug-20 08:04:08

I had to reply to this. My Grandmother had a tummy tuck, it caused a serious hernia and she was rushed to hospital, put in a medically induced coma and medically died twice. We almost lost her and she had a colostomy bag for months. Her stomach is now distended and sore and she has a whole host of problems forever.

Please think so hard about this. I do realise I’m pissing on your parade but I would hate for your family to go through what we went through.

Kanye Wests Mother died during a tummy tuck operation, they are dangerous.

MsLumley Mon 03-Aug-20 08:29:29

Changingnames - my surgeon recommended that lipo wasn't necessary as part of this op, I don't have much excess fat around my back or hips. I think it really depends on your shape and where you carry your weight.

Changingnames2002 Mon 03-Aug-20 10:35:07

Thank you - I have just heard they very commonly go together when having a TT. I am looking to book in for a consultation but don't really know where to start when looking for a surgeon as I don't have any friends who have had the op.

Mydarlingsleepthief Mon 03-Aug-20 20:33:02

For those who have had one, how long was the recovery?

MuthaHubbard Mon 03-Aug-20 20:42:41

I had one in January, with muscle repair and a bit of lipo. Am the same height but about 5lbs heavier. The 1st two weeks weren't the best my life but by week 6 I returned to desk job and started walking every day. Now just over 6 months out and back to running/normal activity now. Only regret is I didn't do it years ago but I only lost weight and kept it off in the past 5 yrs.
TT are v different from the ones done years ago (my mum had one).
I had two consults, one said no lipo, the other offered it. I went with lipo so I had a less boxy/manly shape.
I'm on Instagram - tuckrightoff

BalloonSlayer Mon 03-Aug-20 20:45:52

I am sympathetic but have to wince at @Elouera mum who had a breast reduction because she was "so out of proportion", then had a tummy tuck because she was "so out of proportion", and now is contemplating more work on her hips because they are "so out of proportion "

Maybe she was just a bit overweight.


WatchingFromTheWings Mon 03-Aug-20 21:00:29

I'm having one later in the year! I'm having lypo too as I have a 'panel' of fat down my front I just can't shift. Also have some fat removed from my sides as they'll pull me in sideways as well as down so it'll give a better shape. Been waiting for years and finally took the plunge to book a consultation last December. Op keeps getting rescheduled due to current events tho.

Elouera Mon 03-Aug-20 23:05:04

@BalloonSlayer- I only mentioned 'out of proportion' once. My mum had 1kg of fat removed from EACH breast, and yes, they were very much out of proportion on her small frame!!! With the breasts reduced, she did lose more weight all over, but despite a great deal of effort, the stomach flap didnt do.

Thanks for your unconstructive and unhelpful comment though without knowing the facts.

MolotovMocktail Mon 03-Aug-20 23:48:09

Could anyone kindly recommend a great TT surgeon in London?

RefuseTheLies Mon 03-Aug-20 23:55:56

I had a tummy tuck about 10 year ago. I didn’t have lipo as I was in for a breast reduction and tt and I was worried it would be too much at once. I very, very much regret not having the lipo. I’m a bit of a weird shape on my hips and I dislike it intensely. Sometimes I think about having lipo to smooth my hips, but I think if I did have it, I’d just move on to hating / fixating on another part of my body instead.

TheMurk Tue 04-Aug-20 00:00:57

There are some good groups on Facebook to join (search uk tummy tuck and they should pop up) which discuss surgeons in different areas and people’s experiences plus pictures and recovery and tips and advice,

I’m considering one too, in fact I had one booked which was cancelled during lockdown. Waiting to see when I can get booked again.

My apron of skin gets me down every single day. I need it away.

FrogFairy Tue 04-Aug-20 00:07:41

I would love to have a tummy tuck but for many reasons doubt I ever will. However I did a fair bit of research and I would have gone to CC Kat in Birmingham. I just wanted mention her for anyone looking into a TT.

Redannie118 Tue 04-Aug-20 00:51:30

I had a friend who was an NHS nurse who had a tt. She said the consultant told her this is the cosmetic procedure that most people are unhappy with. She was left with horrific scarring, she did have a full body lift after losing almost 11 stone due to having a gastric band fitted. She looked incredible in clothes, but to this day cannot undress in front of her husband due to her scars

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