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Can anyone recommend a good child friendly restaurant near Wookey hole?

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radioactiveimagination Sun 02-Aug-20 19:28:06

Going to be staying there on DH birthday so looking for somewhere nice to go for an early dinner with 2 DC (2&5). Thanks!

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RiverCrossing Sun 02-Aug-20 20:24:52

Bocabar in Glastonbury is lovely and has a children’s menu smile it’s about 15 minutes from Wookey Hole I think.

Atalune Sun 02-Aug-20 20:26:53

Bocabar is closed and going to be under new management. Next check if it will be open.

The Sheppy at Godney is great and the Swan in Wells is also lovely.

mindutopia Sun 02-Aug-20 20:41:03

No idea, but there is a pub in actual Wookey that dd and I got stuck going to last summer because it was the only one open on a Sunday evening, and I would definitely not recommend that one! It was very ‘local’ in not a good way. The food was vomit inducing and I barely made it to the toilet at the campsite the next morning. If you are able to drive to Glastonbury, there is lots there. Alternatively, Tripadvisor, there’s a nice pub in Wookey (closed on a Sunday sadly), which is supposedly nice.

APurpleSquirrel Sun 02-Aug-20 20:41:35

Both The George & The Swan in Wedmore are nice, good food though a little further afield.

1moresurvey Sun 02-Aug-20 21:19:35

The Victoria at Priddy it's a couple of miles from wookey hole, left out of the carpark and just follow the very steep road, lovely pub tho!

Fishfingersandwichplease Sun 02-Aug-20 22:01:24

Wookey Hole Hotel has got a restaurant which is nice. Or Wells is only a few minutes drive away quite a few chain ones there l believe.

radioactiveimagination Tue 04-Aug-20 07:57:12

Thanks all, will check these out 😊

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