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Bowels 8 weeks after c section

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Pupmama Sun 02-Aug-20 12:22:59

Can anybody help?

I had a c section 2 months ago, I’ve been struggling with constipation ever since. Abdominal pains have been awful managed to see my go who said my bowel may be stuck. I’ve been back to hospital for faecal impaction and received an enema a month ago. It seems to be happening again though, I’m now bleeding (vaginally) when I try and go. I’ve already had a period 3 weeks ago (very heavy and bright red) but am now bleeding dark blood when I strain. I’m drinking a truck load of water, orange juice every day. Taking two kinds of laxatives laxido and senakot. And still struggling... doctors don’t seem to care. With the current pandemic it’s increasingly difficult to get any kind of medical help. I haven’t even had a 6 week check after surgery. I just want to get back to normal but this is driving me crazy. I’m in constant pain, and my stomach is swollen all the time. Anybody got any advice? I’m at my wits end.

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