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Engineered oak flooring - cleaning?

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Cakestandkitchen Sun 02-Aug-20 10:06:01

We had flooring laid about 3 weeks ago. It cost a lot of money and runs from the hall through to the lounge, kitchen, diner.

Two weeks ago, DH was cooking and dropped some pepper which had olive oil on it. The floor has stained.

There was a splash of something from the dishwasher. We now have a stain in the corner where the door is.

Last night, DS knocked a glass of red wine on the floor. We got to it immediately but there is now a stain.

We’ve got wooden floor cleaner. Pledge stuff I think but that’s not cleaning the stains. Can anyone suggest anything? DH wants to complain to the supplier as we’ve had to get mats on the floor around the sink and cooker and we didn’t expect this from an expensive oak flooring. May be we are naive?

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