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Baby overfeeding?

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WaterSkier Sun 02-Aug-20 09:03:19

My baby was underweight at his first midwife check and we were put on a feeding plan to get his weight up. (This was due to problems with his latch and my supply). Since then, 2 weeks have gone by and he has gained a lot of weight and is doing well. He was discharged from midwife care a week ago. He is being combination fed expressed breast milk by bottle and topped up with formula as I have had trouble getting my supply high enough.

Anyway, the "problem" now is that he seems to be really hungry all the time and I'm not sure what's normal! I'm feeding on demand, and obviously if he was on the boob I wouldn't know exactly how much milk he was having and it would be instinctive, but because it's breast milk in a bottle (plus formula when needed) I can see exactly what he is drinking, and it is a lot- sometimes 140ml per feed or occasionally even more! He generally gets hungry every 3hrs or so and I'm comfortable with the cues. My DM told me he doesn't always need feeding and thinks we should feed at set times instead of on demand, but I'm ignoring this because it's not current NHS advice. She says I might be over feeding him. I do feel confident I know when he's hungry (as opposed to seeking comfort or too hot etc), because there are certain cues I can see.

What's normal for a 3.5 week old in terms of quantity and does it sound like he's getting too much?

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mdh2020 Sun 02-Aug-20 09:08:01

You can’t over feed a three week old baby. If their stomach is full, the milk will come out of their mouths! I agree with the idea of giving a cuddle and changing the nappy to see if they settle down but feeding on demand every three hours isn’t over feeding. You have a young baby and little and often is how it goes.

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Sun 02-Aug-20 09:23:57

Please don’t worry about what’s ‘normal’. If he evidently wants more, that’s what he needs.
Don’t worry if he later seems very chubby - babies’ chub is there for a reason - if they get sick they can lose weight alarmingly fast. It nearly always goes once they start running around.
My Gds was a real little Michelin Man as a baby, now a very slim and active 4 yo.

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