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Plans for the summer

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TheChosenTwo Sat 01-Aug-20 19:37:10

I’ll start with a disclaimer - apologies if this has been asked a hundred times before but I’ve had a little break from MN, scrolled down chat and didn’t immediately see what I was after so started my own thread... also, I appreciate that many are still working and do not in this position of having a month to fill and not much on the cards. Basically, I’m honestly not trying to piss anyone off that is trying to work from home, look after elderly relatives, shop from the street and juggle newborn twins at the same time.

I’ve stopped work (mainly) now until the end of the summer holidays. I have a few bits to do which I can easily squeeze in here and there but I don’t have any plans.

I thought about going to the zoo as youngest dc (8) has never been to an actual zoo but having looked at the guidelines on their website it looks like you’re herded on continuously and not really invited to linger and look at the animals. Also the need for social distancing is still here. Don’t fancy spending £80 for entry for me and the 3 dc to be in and out in an hour. So not the zoo.

We’ve just returned from a week away and no further plans for going anywhere else now. And 4 weeks looming ahead of me that I don’t know how to fill. We had a lot of downtime at home pre the holidays so like many I’m keen to get out and do something but I’m just not sure what. Older 2 are teens but do still want/need to be included sometimes.

Anyone got any bright ideas?

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