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restarting breastfeeding after stopping and zopiclone?

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Cornberry Sat 01-Aug-20 16:53:23

I have been extremely unwell since giving birth three months ago and grudgingly gave up breastfeeding almost a week ago because I have trouble eating and couldn't get the calories in.I tried to drop to just one feed a day but i thought maybe the hormones were messing up my digestion. I have MS and my health issues are complex. It had been tearing me apart to stop feeding my son this soon and now i want to start again. The doctor gave me some zopiclone to help me sleep which is helping a bit but only if I stopped feeding. But i saw in some forums that some mums can take it and feed a certain number of hours later and some doctors sanction this. If I took a pill before bed and didn't feed for 12 hours would that be ok? Has anyone done this?

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