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does anyone here like the band 'interpol'?

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helenc70 Fri 31-Jul-20 16:56:54

just what the title says really! i love them, have seen them in concert twice and just wondering if there's any interpol fans here too smile

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Cruddles Fri 31-Jul-20 18:25:22

They're ok. A friend of mine is obsessed with them and has started his own band in their style

Redyellowpink Fri 31-Jul-20 18:28:05

I like that song that starts 'Rosemary...'

FrancoBranco Fri 31-Jul-20 18:46:32

Yes, i love them! Never seen them live though.

'Untitled' is so haunting.

Bluemooninmyeyes1 Fri 31-Jul-20 21:17:34

Love them. Very underrated band IMO.

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